The Berkey Stand for Berkey Water Filters Systems

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The Berkey Stand

The Berkey Stand adds design and function to your stainless steel Berkey system.

Each polished stainless steel wire stand is about 13 cm tall and allows you to easily fit a glass or cup under the spigot on your Berkey System.

The Berkey Stand feet are made of a high-end non-marking, non-marring stainless with rubber ends that is bonded to the stand for added durability and stability.

The Berkey Stands are available in 4 sizes, designed to fit each Berkey stainless steel system.

The Berkey Stand allows you to easily fit a cup or mug beneath the spigot

Compare to stands made by the competition that lack rubberised feet

Please choose the sizes below.


44 reviews for The Berkey Stand for Berkey Water Filters Systems

  1. i have very clean drinking water

  2. Very sturdy. Very happy

  3. Good base, seems like it should be a little more robust and solid as it has to take a reasonable weight. However it appears though – it provides the job of a minimal stand fine.

  4. Stable and neat. High pricing makes it a 4/5.

  5. Good

  6. Water quality is great.

  7. We love our Berkey

  8. Excellent service all round. Stand serves its purpose well 🙂

  9. NO STARS: I began using the Berkey water system on the 14th February. I have given it a fair trial up until today, 29th February. I have followed instructions 100%. The water is depressingly, seriously only what I can call unpleasant, or barely tolerable. I’m going to give it to my local water authority to test it for me. I’ve drunk plain, ordinary, clear water in Africa and Ireland, lived in London, drank bottled water in Malta recently how of a huge commercial container, and I think I now will hardly touch the Berkey water ever again. The taste is too unpleasant, It does not taste of chlorine but it tastes WRONG! I actually have ended up pulling faces as I drink. Last night I emptied and washed it all out only with water as it already 100% clean, – I trained as a nurse – my Berkey is spotless. The water has been kept totally fresh, – it is barely TOLERABLE!!! VERY disappointing!! In fact very, very depressing and very worrying! I doubt they will print this review! R Mac Donald

  10. Best water filter I’ve ever bought.

  11. I love it

  12. Glad i brought as can push filter to back of the counter out the way. Big enough to fit jug underneath for filling bottles for the fridge.

  13. Excellent product 😉

  14. I used to have it on an old paint pot, the stand is much more useful and stylish.

  15. Good

  16. It took too long time – the order was placed (of course with full payment) on 12 Nov and the package was received on 5 Dec. I live in Geneva Switzerland, not a nowhere deep in a mountain.

  17. Stand arrived damaged. The rubber part on one of the legs is damaged and peeled off. Not happy with this at all.

  18. I’m very happy with my Berkey Water Filter. I got the Big Berkey and plan on getting another to send off with my daughter to Uni. A great system for the right price.

  19. excellent service good product.
    we forgot the bottle water

  20. It is as described. Nice!

  21. This stand is perfect for the water filter except for one thing and that is it is too low to get a small kettle under so it is necessary to transfer from a low jug.

  22. Easy to assemble, looks nice and does it’s job. The quality of water is excellent. I willl recommend .

  23. Great product – glad I invested in it

  24. Received Berky water filter with a dented top. Top replaced and second top received also dented. customer services suggested sending the two dented tops back so I would be unable to use my Berky water filter while waiting for a replacement. When I complained a third top was sent to me but when it turned up this was also dented? I am still waiting for someone to get back to me and its now been over a week?

  25. I couldn’t be without this water filter now!

  26. I have bought both a Berky Water filter and a stand. They are both a great asset and I wish I had known about them sooner.

  27. Overpriced. Doesn’t remove limescale in hard water areas. Accessories ridiculously expensive. Looks nice though, the “Apple” of water filters.

  28. Excellent product.

  29. Had a Big Berkey for years, wish I had bought the stand years ago as well, just makes things easier and more asteticly pleasing than how I had it before.

  30. “Excellent well manufactured product” everything we hoped it would be, and very
    easy to assemble.
    Filters were simple to prime and install.

    Overall high quality, would highly recommend Berkey water filters

  31. AVOID !! Appalling customer service

  32. Well worth the price especially if you have a small kitchen, like me.The stand keeps the water filter system up off the counter so using the tap doesn’t become a two handed affair. Also, it looks nice!.

  33. Not sure what to say about my Travel Berkey. It was easy to set up and get working with the help of Utube. The water seems to taste more silky than before if that makes sense. It tastes good and I am glad I bought it.

  34. Looks good and passed the taste test…
    Have yet to try food colouring test….

  35. Best filter ever! Wonderful customer service.

  36. Really good customer service and excellent service.

  37. best thing ever bought.

  38. Good quality stand but it arrived with one of the legs bent (might have been the courier’s fault). Berkey sent a new stand free of charge. Very prompt and excellent customer service from Berkey.

  39. Very good product. Perfect size. The water is crystal clear. Tastes amazing. The tank fits on our kitchen worktop easyly

  40. The stand is well made, sturdy and works well.

  41. All good

  42. Brilliant filter. The water tastes so much better than tap water and infinitely better than buying water in plastic bottles. This is a purchase I am very very happy with. I found a youtube instructions to help set it up as I found the written instructions in small print, too hard to read and understand.

  43. Ding Dong !

  44. Speedy delivery, informed and updated at all stages, easy to setup and most importantly how water should taste….

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How safe is the water you drink ?

These days it’s getting more and more difficult to find clean drinking water. Sometimes even bottled water is just regular tap water full of harmful chemicals like chlorine, lead, and other pollutants.

Berkey water filter systems are the top performing portable water filters in the industry and recommended as No1 filters on the market today by many health sites & magazines etc.

The Black Berkey revolutionary filters inside remove up to 99,999% of harmful chemicals and heavy metals from your tap water while leaving undisturbed the essentials minerals your body needs like magnesium, calcium.

They will last up to 11 years before replacement filters are recommended. These set of filters are cleanable and they should be cleaned every 12 months   (takes 10 minutes)    and giving it the ability to take water from almost any source and produce fresh and pure drinking water.

Perfect for everyday use

Berkey filters are world leader in water filtering and water purification today in USA and Europe, and are so powerful that they are classed as water purifiers.

Constructed of highly polished 304 stainless steel (Big Berkey / Travel Berkey / Crown / Imperial and Go Berkey)  or  specially designed plastic material (Berkey Light)  the system comes complete with two purification elements and utilizes the latest technological advances.

The system will purify up to 13.3 litres per hour with 2 x Black Berkey filters inside. With 4 x filters you double its efficiency to 26.6 litres per hour.

Each set of Black Berkey filters will last for up to 23,000 litres which is more than 11 years of pure and clean drinking water!

Berkey water filters are much more powerful than other water filters available today because of the Black Berkey revolutionary filters inside and the high standard stainless 304 steel.

Berkey Filters removes Chlorine, Viruses, Heavy Metals,  Harmful pathogenic Bacteria, Cysts, Parasites and hazardous chemical contaminants and impurities while leaving undisturbed the essential minerals your body needs.

Berkey waterfilter systems are recommended all over the world as No.1 waterfilters on the marked by health bloggers, magazines and millions of happy customers.

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Shipping to SE Asia & China only 3-6 working days.

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Berkey Waterfilters Asia (Thailand)

When will you ship my order???

All products are shipped in the next day after purchasing. We will send you tracking number for track your order with shipping provider.

How fast will my water filter purify tap water?

The system will purify up to 13.3 litres per hour with 2 x Black Berkey filters inside (or 26.6 Litres per hour with 4 x Black Berkey filters inside).
real terms, this equates to approximately 1 glass of water per minute.

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