Black Berkey Filter set

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  • Black Berkey Original Purification Elements are the world leader in gravity-fed water purification.
  • The Black Berkey purification element formulation has been tested by State and EPA accredited laboratories to exceed NSF/ANSI Standard 53
  • Includes: Two 9″ Black Berkey Purification Elements with 2 washers, 2 wing nuts, and 1 priming button
  • Installs in the upper chamber of all Berkey system.  Elements can also be used to upgrade most other gravity-fed water filter systems.
  • Sold as a set of 2 elements for Big Berkey – Travel Berkey – Berkey Light – Crown – Imperial or Go Berkey or to use on it’s own.
  • Durability: Each Black Berkey element is designed to purify approximately 3,000 gallons of water before needing replacement; 2 elements in a Berkey system will purify and filter approximately 23.000 Liters. (6,000 gallons)  of water before replacement is recommended.
  • Re-cleanable and self-sterilizing during the life of the element
  • Elements come with a 2-year, pro-rated full worldwide warranty from Berkey Waterfilters UK.
  • Recommended cleaning and priming should be every 12 months.  (takes only 5-10 minutes)


         Free Next Day Delivery in Thailand.

80 reviews for Black Berkey Filter set

  1. Happy with water filter – however the priming necessity when cleaning is a chore

  2. Brilliant service and very helpful

  3. Great service and great product

  4. Great service, very happy with my BERKEY Filters.

  5. Excellent service as ever

  6. Best investment outside of Christ and the family…

  7. An excellent service and product. I rely on Berkey filtration as the only reliable means of removing fluorides and toxic metals from my drinking water, whilst retaining healthy trace minerals.

  8. 5 STARS!! I upgraded my existing gravity water filter system, having ceramic filters, with a black berkey filter set. I did so because i had read Mike Adam’s blog on on how berkey filters compared with other filters..

    The taste of the water is very good.

    Thank you so much.


  10. Great filters, easy to fit. Fast delivery too!

  11. Incredibly fast delivery, does the job

  12. Excellent,thanks

  13. Excellent service, rapid turnround.

  14. I can drink the mains water.
    After I put it through the Berkey filter, it’s as though it had been in plastic. An awful plasticky taste. It not acceptable. I’m back to drinking bottled water.

  15. Very efficient service

  16. These filters are extremely efficient, we performed the red food colouring test and the water was crystal clear, very impressive. My husband drinks a lot of water and he couldn’t believe the difference in taste from tap water to the soft pure taste of the filtered water. These filters and the big berkey are worth the initial expense, the filters will last for over a decade, and the amount of rubbish they filter out is staggering, if you’re thinking about a water filter, this is one you should consider.

  17. I am very happy ,everything is O.K.
    U Hobbs-Scharner

  18. Water taste great

  19. Extremely pleased with this purchase and its delivery. Many thanks

  20. Fantastic and trouble free filter system. Great buy.

  21. Excellent bit of kit; the water tastes great, makes drinking it a joy.

  22. As always great service and im happy so far with the filters. They work! -Did the test on them and so far no issues

  23. Absolute quality product ! as usual . what more can i say ? . would reccomend them to everyone .

  24. good service

  25. ……

  26. We were very happy with the service and we have no completes what so ever with the items or the service. I am sure they will work just as well as the ones we are currently using, which apparently have a 10 year life and or 23000 Liter usage, so we will not be able to say for sure until we come to use them, in about 8 or 9 years! But see as they do not have a shelf life (as far as I know) they should work just as well as the current ones. Supplying us with clear, safe drinking water and peace of mind.

  27. Thanks for the good delivery of the filters. However, they were not for me to use for a friend living in The Gambia. So I’m not in a position to give you any proper response.

  28. Ok. Everything went ok, as planned.

  29. Fast delivery and all well packed & protected.

  30. I have a berkey system for 2 years now – fantastic product and the difference in water quality is huge. Fast service and quality product would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to improve their health and well being

  31. Perfect

  32. excellent product would recommend to everyone

  33. perfect !!!

  34. All well received thank you

  35. Tip top

  36. Excellent product

  37. Great product water tastes so pure

  38. ok all is ok

  39. Excellent.

  40. Filters arrive promptly via time notified and signed for courier delivery.
    Bought for when my 2 year old original filters finally wear out, but that could be many months in the future!

  41. Très bien ++++

  42. Love this water filter. We bought it when living in Portland, Oregon and now use it here in England. Fantastic filter – we really notice the difference and have even tested it’s abilities by adding red food colouring to the pre-filtered water, which it filters out completely. Highly recommend.

  43. Excellent services as usual. My only gripe is you cannot have the product delivered anywhere but the billing address of the credit card used, which is very inconvenient.

  44. all good

  45. Excellent service from berkey-waterfilters.

  46. Everything I ordered to freshen up my existing unit was shipped very quickly. Well packaged and prompt, very satisfied.

  47. The article itself is working alright, but I have tried to contact Berkey 3 times about another purchase with no reply….for that: poor performance!!

  48. I love drinking water now.

  49. Love them.. Great service and fast delivery!

  50. Good product will recommend to friends

  51. The Berkey Water Filter replacement filters arrived quickly and were the authentic product. They work excellently. The Berkey is an outstanding water filter that effectively removes a full array of contaminants. It is also economical as the filters only need to be replaced once every few years, assuming typical use.

  52. Great, arrived fast, thank you

  53. Wonderful customer service who are very very helpful. We love our Berkey and would highly recommend, thank you

  54. Thread has broken after 1 months use. The product is now useless.

  55. As always excellent service and fine product

  56. I have received the filter set in good order and have them installed without any problems
    Janny klasmer

  57. perfect thanks

  58. Excellent filters!

  59. It is probably the best water filter system out there, suitable for households.

  60. Great

  61. I have recently bought two replacement filters: the delivery time was very quick and the customer service was excellent (as my payment didn’t seem to go through I asked for a call back and was assisted straight away with the transaction by some extremely kind and professional staff members).

  62. Excellent product, i would highly recommend this product to anyone!

  63. Love this water filter, will always recommend it.

  64. .

  65. water taste like water with these, very light. i drink more and more using these filters. 5 star

  66. I have used this filter for a few months now and find it excellent.

  67. Very good

  68. We have used the Berkey for just over two years, we are very satisfied, highly reccommended

  69. Easy to order, delivery was prompt. Berkey is the best water filter going.

  70. Love my Berkey water filter one of the best things I have ever bought I fully recommend it to everyone crystal clear tasting water :grinning:


  72. Improves water quality. Very easy to use / cost effective. Recommended.

  73. very satisfied with the rapidity of service and with the products themselves.

  74. Excellent

  75. Wow! Been using the white/old? type elements for years. These black ones are amazing: filter fast, water tastes like spring water. Impressed. What gain over the old ones, what taste of water. Can only recommend! :sunrise::rosette::dolphin::unicorn:

  76. Good

  77. Love my Berkey! Just added two black filters to make filtered water faster – we go through lots of water when company visits. Thank you, for the fast shipping service!

  78. Very efficient service – thank you

  79. Xxxx

  80. everything fine!

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How safe is the water you drink ?

These days it’s getting more and more difficult to find clean drinking water. Sometimes even bottled water is just regular tap water full of harmful chemicals like chlorine, lead, and other pollutants.

Berkey water filter systems are the top performing portable water filters in the industry and recommended as No1 filters on the market today by many health sites & magazines etc.

The Black Berkey revolutionary filters inside remove up to 99,999% of harmful chemicals and heavy metals from your tap water while leaving undisturbed the essentials minerals your body needs like magnesium, calcium.

They will last up to 11 years before replacement filters are recommended. These set of filters are cleanable and they should be cleaned every 12 months   (takes 10 minutes)    and giving it the ability to take water from almost any source and produce fresh and pure drinking water.

Perfect for everyday use

Berkey filters are world leader in water filtering and water purification today in USA and Europe, and are so powerful that they are classed as water purifiers.

Constructed of highly polished 304 stainless steel (Big Berkey / Travel Berkey / Crown / Imperial and Go Berkey)  or  specially designed plastic material (Berkey Light)  the system comes complete with two purification elements and utilizes the latest technological advances.

The system will purify up to 13.3 litres per hour with 2 x Black Berkey filters inside. With 4 x filters you double its efficiency to 26.6 litres per hour.

Each set of Black Berkey filters will last for up to 23,000 litres which is more than 11 years of pure and clean drinking water!

Berkey water filters are much more powerful than other water filters available today because of the Black Berkey revolutionary filters inside and the high standard stainless 304 steel.

Berkey Filters removes Chlorine, Viruses, Heavy Metals,  Harmful pathogenic Bacteria, Cysts, Parasites and hazardous chemical contaminants and impurities while leaving undisturbed the essential minerals your body needs.

Berkey waterfilter systems are recommended all over the world as No.1 waterfilters on the marked by health bloggers, magazines and millions of happy customers.

Free Delivery in Thailand for order over 1500 baht 

Free Delivery to all Asian country for All Berkey system.

Shipping to SE Asia & China only 3-6 working days.

We will provide a tracking number on the day of dispatch for you to track your consignment.

All orders are shipped out on the same day if ordered before 2.30pm. 

Berkey Waterfilters Asia (Thailand)

When will you ship my order???

All products are shipped in the next day after purchasing. We will send you tracking number for track your order with shipping provider.

How fast will my water filter purify tap water?

The system will purify up to 13.3 litres per hour with 2 x Black Berkey filters inside (or 26.6 Litres per hour with 4 x Black Berkey filters inside).
real terms, this equates to approximately 1 glass of water per minute.

I have another question not answered here…

Please refer to our Full FAQ page – if you still have
a question please click on the link below and ask!