Big Berkey Water Filter System

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Big Berkey Water Filter System

Best-seller of Berkey Water systems. Perfect for 1 – 4 people.

Big Berkey Waterfilter system comes ready to use with 2 x Original Black Berkey filter elements inside that utilizes the latest technological advances in water purification today.

Berkey water filter systems are rated the best and longest lasting water filter systems on the market and they are the top performing portable water filters in the industry.

Constructed of highly polished stainless steel, stainless model 304′  that is the longest lasting stainless steel on the market today.  Rust free for life.

The entire unit keeps roughly 8.5 liters of water,  more than enough for most consumer needs.

Each set of 2 x Black Berkey filters will last for up to 23,000 litres . Or up to 11 years of pure and clean drinking water.

Big Berkey is one of the best selling brands in water filters and purification systems all over the world and recommended as No.1  filter system on the market by a variety of health magazines, labs and independent health sites,  and millions of happy customers all over the world.


They are so powerful that they are classed as a water purification systems and have a much higher standard then normal water filters today.


Berkey Filters remove 99,999% of Chlorine, Viruses, Harmful pathogenic Bacteria, Cysts, Heavy Metals,  parasites and hazardous chemical contaminants and impurities while leaving undisturbed the essential minerals your body needs. Berkey filter can purify water from almost any source, Tap water, Rain water, Ponds water & local water supplies in almost any countries.

See full list in the FAQ’s section.

The height of the Big Berkey is only  48,5 cm  + Diameter is only 21,6 cm.

The system will purify up to 13.3 litres per hour with 2 x Black Berkey filters inside or 26.6 litres per hour with 4 x Black Berkey filters inside.

655 reviews for Big Berkey Water Filter System

  1. Very good service. Very helpful in assisting me with my choice of filter.The filter itself is amazing.Makes the whole family drink more water.

  2. This has worked very well for us, thank you!

  3. I cannot recommend you highly enough. Your customer care was first class – you answered all my questions quickly, and you gave plenty of helpful advice. The Big Berkey Water Filter System arrived in perfect condition. It had been very well packaged (along with the extra Flouride filters I’d ordered). I have been filtering my water with this for the last 2 months. The quality of the water I get is PURE. It smells of nothing, and it tastes so much better than tap water. I can even feel the difference of the water texture in my mouth. The quality of the water I drink is the BEST I have ever had in all my life. I will never go back to the old ways – With my Big Berkey I never have to – It’s Pure, Clean, and Healthier water from here on!!! Thank you for such an excellent service and product. I will recommend you to my family and friends.

  4. I haven’t put this into day to day operation , as our tap water is of a reasonable quality. I have tested the carbon filters by filling the upper chamber with pond water and the results were very good , the green water was filtered and had been converted to clear water.

    American preppers have this product in second place in their top ten. So if you want to collect your own rain water , make sure you have a good water filter if you ever want to drink it, that’s my plan.

  5. Extremly bad customer service then turned abusive when part of what I ordered didn’t arrive and I opened a case through paypal eventually after nearly 3 months I recieved the part that was missing. I would not recommend and would never use again

  6. It’s fantastic-my water tastes so much better.

  7. Brilliant bit of kit! Does exactly what it says on the tin!
    Water tastes fantastic!

  8. I’m very happy with the Big Berkey Water Filter – I can certainly taste the difference: the drinking water tastes a lot better!

  9. Great thank

  10. Easy to use, works great, can taste and smell the difference.

  11. Great system, delicious water! Feeling happy knowing that two family households now have clean safe water on demand!

  12. What a great filter. Don’t know how I lived without it.

  13. so far really happy with it, water tastes very different, much better. Just hope the filters stand to the test of time and lots of use!
    Good company with fast delivery!

  14. Very fast delivery.

  15. Brilliantly clear and beautiful tasting water. We use it all the time and not so expensive when one considers the longevity of the filters as compared to ordinary water jugs. We would hight recommend.

  16. Great investment for health and financially if you were a bottle buyer

  17. Love the Big Berkey water filter. At last to be drinking clean water. Now drinking even more water as though the body is hydrating itself with pure water at last.

  18. So happy with my water filter giving me delicious drinking water and having it on tap for all my cooking needs. Looks classy too.

  19. This is a must have product. I had the nicest service and delivery experience.

  20. Truly unbelievable customer service. Appalling and rude.

  21. Great product. Easy to set up and fast delivery. Definitely recommend. My mum has now bought one!

  22. This undoubtably is the best water filter I have had the pleasure to own. Not only is the water that comes out purer than pure its taste is like nothing I have ever tasted. Best ever purchase.

  23. I am really impressed with the Berkey Water Filter and the service I received from the suppliers

  24. My tap water tastes like something syphoned from a swimming pool; smells terrible, tastes terrible and cannot be healthy to drink. I used to waste time and money buying bottled water which wasn’t really an ideal solution. I have not regretted buying my Berkey as the water tastes very good and long term it will save me money. I would recommend this to everyone.

  25. Good

  26. Extremely happy with both product and service

  27. Have been using it for a month approximately, Easy to set up (better rinse the containers first as steel seems to be very new), One of my best purchases ever is turning to be, Rice, Tea, coffee, Pasta, Ice (for the occasional drink)…..and of cause water taste is so much improved (taught it was psychological first, but guests also notice)…..might seem Costly at first, it will actually save you money on the long run, plus I do not have to carry heavy water bottles from the stores….Nice health investment.

  28. Best water filter!!!

  29. Absolutely fantastic product. I love the fact I only have to fill it once a day. It was a shame it arrived with a dink in the lower section. Put in horrible smelling water and out comes clean lovely water. Every household should own one of these.

  30. I’ve only had the berkey for a month, so it’s early days. But so far so good.

  31. Heard about this via ‘Quest for the Cure for Cancer’, an excellent American series giving realistic hope for healing from cancer…not the usual way (needs to be watched). Ty Bollinger happened to mention that he had one. Lovely quality filter and ‘so far, so good’. It will indeed be great if the filters (cleanable) last as long as they say they should. Only question I have is ‘ does it filter out oestrogens in the water and what is it incapable of filtering out’? Would recommend on our experience so far.

  32. This is the best thing I’ve bought for a very long time.
    So easy to use, giving peace of mind that the water is safe to drink.

  33. I love it!

  34. Brilliant! Delivered the next day, easy to assemble, and the water is clear and tasty. I had the floride filters as well and it takes that tinny taste away.

  35. Really good service
    many thanks

  36. Great tasting Water

  37. I am so pleased i have bought the Berkley. It is fantastic to know that i am finally drinking water that is good for me. It tastes great and even my partner is drinking more water, which says it all really. Our dog loves it, and at least i know she to is only getting the best too!

  38. I am pleased with the water quality from the filter but the actual product arrived with a big dint in it and I suspect it had been a previous return from someone else. I kept it because I wanted the filter and because I didn’t want the hassle of returning it for a replacement.

  39. Brilliant product and brilliant customer service. Extremely fast delivery. I can now give my family clean, safe, fluoride free water. Will order again. Many thanks, Mrs H.

  40. Read a great deal about water filter systems, the water I have here is appalling, so needless to say do not drink it apart from tea coffee etc. Set the Berkey up by following the instructions and then the taste test came around! and wow! it was biblical: It seemed as though the water had been turned to wine. I will be ordering another for my shedoff (shed office) down the garden. all in all Fan blooming tactic

  41. Excellent service and excellent product,very impressed

  42. Very happy customer, good phone service, delivered quick, easy to put together, water tastes amazing 😉

  43. I have recently bought the Big Berky Water Filter and am pleased with the product. The water in my area is pretty good quality anyway, but I have always boiled it before consumption which used to be a pain. But now there’s no need to, after filtering it you can notice the difference in taste and its so easy and convenient to use. I now use filtered water for my tea 🙂

    Just hope this product lasts and it would definitely be worth the money and recommendation.

  44. Excellent service

  45. Would be great to have the filter product assembled upon delivery. I still can’t use my filter because the instructions are far from being lucid and find great difficulty in visualizing how it works. I have to wait for my son who has recommended the filter to me to find the time to travel to come and set it up for me. This is not a table or chair that needs assembling where the risk of going wrong is negligible.

  46. The berkey water filter system seems to do the job well and water tastes good. Only three stars though because activating the filters was fiddly and I soaked myself in the process and the upper part of the berkey had a dink in the stainless steel when it was delivered new.

  47. Glad I bought this – were happily filtering our rain water to drink now. This is a big help in our aim towards off grid living

  48. Love this… Once set up lovely clean water on tap

  49. I’m sure it’s great, but I’m still waiting for it to arrive
    2 weeks and counting!

  50. Really nice looking water filter and great tasting water. However, the initial cleaning process of the carbon and flouride filters wasn’t as clear as I liked. Although it was very simple to all set up, I still had to wait a day or two for good tasting water. Overall, I’m happy with the product!

  51. Great ! Love this

  52. Too difficult to make the tap water tight and tap too flimsy. I plan to replace this part. Apart from that the it is ok.

  53. So easy to assemble and easy to use. No concerns about changing filters every 30 days and you can see and taste the difference in the water quality. So wish we did this years ago!!

  54. very good product and very good service.

  55. this is an excellent filter and I would highly recommend it to anyone!!

  56. excellent water filter, highly recommended

  57. We did a comparison with normal tap water and was very impressed with the results, thanks

  58. Water taste GRRREEAT!!

    It still has minor plus and con, but the taste of the water overrule this by a long way 🙂

  59. Awesome bit of kit. It has transformed my very hard tap water into a crystal clear water haven.
    One slight niggle is not being able to see current water levels so you need to keep lifting the top layer to check.

  60. good communication / excellent products

  61. Really pleased so far, the quality and taste is super. Very easy to set up also

  62. Excellent product happy with service

  63. I cannot recommend the Berkey Water Filter enough, it is brilliant! The water tastes so pure, i feel at ease knowing me and my family are no longer having all those nasty chemicals in our tap water. From my research, the Berkey is the only one close enough to removing nearly all of the chemicals in the tap water! I will never go back to drinking tap water.. may also consider buying the travel berkey too! Great product!

  64. The Berkey is an excellent water purification system; we decant all the filtered water used directly for cold water drinking into our water egg jug (centre for implosion research) and it tastes just like good water should.

  65. Very happy with the product, just when we received it, we did not find washers in the package. In the instruction part H. says ”secure blocking plugs into empty holes with one washer on the inside and one on the outside” but it does not leak without washers so it’s ok.

  66. Ten out of ten for ordering and quick delivery. Very easy to assemble I’m very pleased with the product.

  67. Amazing. Best water ever. I did my research and saw on almost all health websites that Berkey are rated No1 in the world today. This is one of my best purchase ever! Thanks for this clean and healthy water.

  68. We are delighted with it. Consistent pure water which adds to the quality of other drinks such as tea and coffee. We are drinking much more water now, too. A great addition to a healthy life.

  69. This is my review. I think this is the best waterfilter system on the market. Now i never need to buy bottled water again. I was also reading many test results from USA and Berkey is Number 1 there. I highly recommend this water filter system for all families. thanks

  70. Very easy to install and to use. The water taste amazing!.

  71. I personally was not happy with my big Berkey purchase as it had quite a few surface scratches on it. Communication from the company was good however and was advised that is down to the product itself and they are all like that. So on that basis I changed mind for a Berkey light, and couldn’t be happier.

  72. This filter came highly recommended by friends and i can truly say they were not wrong. the quality and taste of our water now is fabulous, have become the worlds biggest water snob. brilliant product would recommend to every and anyone, worth every penny

  73. Brilliant! Very pleased. Could not be without it!

  74. I sis an online search and found a link to a guy who has researched and used a range of water purifiers over the past 10 years. He had some very good reasons to put the Berkey at the top of his list. So far so good – it’s cost effective, doesn’t use electricity, keeps in the good minerals and filters out the bad ones.

  75. Very pleased with service and top quality filter system. Thanks berkey

  76. Fast shipping to Germany and very nice quality. Thx alot.

  77. What a fantastic water filer, wonderfull build quality. Water tastes amazing and the gravity filtering is more than fast enough. Really happy I bought this filter, check out the product comparison’s VS other water filters…. Berkey comes out TOP EVERY TIME! No other ‘afordable’ water filter cleans out nearly (or all) 100% of comtaminents!!!!

    Filters like the ‘Brita’ etc, filter out a tiny propotrion of contaminants and in my opinion would not make water ‘100%’ – the FACT you can clean STAGNENT POND Water with the Berkey to a safe drinkable condition is Incredible!!

    Well Worth Buying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Classy design yet simple. …user friendly…Trust the water is as good as it looks. .

    Thank you. .
    prompt service and no problems…

  79. Excellent product ! great to have lovely clean water. I only have to change it once possibly twice a day and we are a family of 5. It looks great and cost effective in the long run.

  80. Great. Sits at the sink. Water is terrific.

  81. Service was nice and smooth. Good delivery system and very friendly staff. The product is fantastic. I use it for all my daily water requirements except washing up and baths/showers.
    Overall this is must have product.

  82. Excellent

  83. I love Berkey water .. this filter is the best.. the water tastes amazing.. highly recommended – 5 *****

  84. Excellent service and a great looking product. The difference in water is very significant and I’m now much happier about my family drinking safe and clean water!

  85. Best Waterfilter on the market. We all use it and this water is soooo clean and fresh. We agreed that we feel better now as well and this is something that i can 100% recommend. Great product.

  86. Seems like the real deal! Hope I primed filters properly. Bit of water remains at top, so will have to check out, otherwise great customer service. I left my no. And within minutes has call back! Thank you xXx

  87. Pure water that testes great!

  88. Excellent service. Our water isn’t too bad in Scotland but there is now a big difference in berkey water and tap. I can really smell the chlorine of the tap water now. It feels so much healthier for the family. Thank you

  89. The water tastes great and I’m very pleased with my purchase. However when the water is running sometimes the flow is very slow which I think is due to lack of air flow in the system.

  90. I love it! easy to put together and tested with red colouring fine, and does what it said! I like the taste better but more than that it’s encouraging all the family to drink more water.

  91. The filter arrived on time and has been in use for a couple of weeks. We have not done any tests on it yet to confirm if the filters are working as advertised, so I cannot comment on its effectiveness just yet.

    One point that we are unhappy with is that our filter did not come with the screw-on type plugs for the unused filter slots, but with rubber push-in type plugs. While they do not appear to be leaking at the moment, I expect them to do so within a year or two as the material deteriorates.

  92. It’s excellent. Easy set up, easy to connect filters. We opted for the stainless steel which is not that much of an eyesore in your kitchen. Ultimately the water tastes better and will be healthier for myself and family.

  93. I love my water filter, water tastes so much nicer than tap water and has made the whole family drink so much more, which can only be a good thing. Looks very stylish, I was a little apprehensive before it arrived, worried that it would look bulky but it doesn’t, looks great sitting on the kitchen side.

  94. Great item. Poor instructions and did not realize that it was to be self assembly. Lucky I have family to help as I am in my 70s

  95. I found the video instructions of how to assemble the Berkey were the easiest. I would suggest you do your own on-line version as it’s quiet complex and important to do it right, the instructions are quiet long winded.

    Other than that, a genius invention!

    Thank you


  96. After a lot of research decided to purchase the Big Berkey Water Filter System. Very pleased I did – am very pleased with it wish I had bought one many years ago. Tea and coffee taste so good too.
    Worth every penny – you get what you pay for. I highly recommend this water filter.

  97. Big Berkey water system produces water just as good as bottled,if not better. Great product, good service. Easy set up. thanks

  98. This is a great system. Kids love it, the wife loves it. Water tastes good it looks good, an eligant addition to my kitchen.I don’t need to change the filter for years.. great. We havecall changed our drinking habits for the better. Thank you

  99. Its gréât and the water IS much easier to drink!
    Now I am researching if fluoride IS In our tap water…I Will be ordering the spécial filter if néeded. Thank you for the gréât délivrer service too

  100. well worth the investment. very pleased.

  101. We can’t believe how good the water tastes and I’m not dehydrated anymore for the first time in years

  102. Love it! So pleased we invested in this, the water tastes amazing & looks so clear and feel much healthier for it.

  103. Disappointed. No confirmation received. I had to chase order status. Failure to inform of delay as item out of stock. Amazon cheaper and we would have had our water filter by now.

  104. Fabulous filter. Easy to set up and use. Delicious clean water. The whole family loves it.

  105. Hi
    I have not yet received my order. Please can you let me know when I can expect delivery?


    Abi Masefield

  106. Great!! We love it and it is getting plenty of use! Our water here wasn’t that bad really, but now it is just fantastic and we are fully confident that we did the right thing in purchasing a Big Berkey

  107. The quality of the product is unacceptable.

  108. The time from order to delivery was impressive and the Berkey was easy to assemble. The difference in water taste between filtered and unfiltered is noticeable. It would be better supplied with the sight glass spigot rather than this being offered as an expensive extra.So far I am pleased with my purchase.

  109. verry good wather

  110. The more I hear about what is in my water, the more grateful I am for getting my Berkey.
    Thank you

  111. I put off writing a review as I was not really pleased with the system and felt there was something I was doing wrong since everyone else on the internet is reaving about it. My biggest problem was the black scum on my tea. On the sites recommendation I bought a chrome kettle but that did not help. In frustration I took the system apart and cleaned everything again and that helped somewhat. I don’t leave the tea bag in the cup too long and that helps so I am learning to live with my Berkey. I have to have something and I am told it’s the best there is so I’m sure i will trust it more as time goes on.

  112. The water has a really refreshing and very good taste.

  113. Brilliant purchase! Water tastes so much better. You can really tell the difference.

  114. I have used the Berkey water filter for one month now and I am very disappointed!!!

    I spend £320 thinking I was buying the best filter on earth and realised is worst then a cheap Brita filter.

    Initially I thought that the white water was an initial problem but after washing the filter first and using it regularly for a month I can see the water still with a whitish colour. I have removed the fluoride filter thinking that that was the problem, however I can see the limescale in the kettle after boiling the water for the first time.

    I have used a reverse osmosis filter in the past and never had any issue at all (£175).

    Honestly the Berkey filter is a scam and I am trying to get rid of it.

  115. LOVE IT! It’s an honest, user-friendly and super-effective system and I love the water. I find it very easy to drink. Having tried other systems including a water ionizer, I’d rate this as the best.

  116. The water filter was recommended to me and I am really pleased with it. No more small jugs to clean and fill up all the time.

  117. Water tastes clean but still has character. Unit is a good size to sit on the sideboard. Unit takes a bit of common sense to assemble and prime. Unit does not leak and spigot works well. Unfortunately the fluoride filters have to be replaced every year, pushing up the costs, although the black filters last many years. unfortunately only 75% of monsanto’s glyphosate is removed.

  118. The most important piece of equipment in my kitchen. Just brilliant. Water tastes so good. A very wise purchase.

  119. Ordered the Big Berkey from the UK, hoping to get a original piece. The response time was impeccable and when I payed for shipping, I expected a 5-7 day time frame but to my astonishment we got the Berkey the following day. Thank you for the awesome customer service and product. We set up our Berkey on a tree stump stand, looks great in our farm house style kitchen. Planning being a long standing customer with your store!

  120. It’s brilliant can’t taste the water very pure, instruction were rubbish though!

  121. Well, I am very pleased with it, but to re-wind, I didn’t find the instructions to be clear. Could do with a streamline process. I have got into a rhythm now with it, so all is well. Happy plants, animals and people!

  122. easy to use but will be good to have a set up manual

  123. It’s Ok. The water takes a bit of getting used to and not all of it filters through so you are always re filling

  124. Love love love it!!! Fairly easy to set up, water tastes amazing now can’ t even stand the chemical smell of a ‘normal’ glass of tap water. Big initial cost but much cheaper than buying bottled water.

  125. So please with this. Best kitchen investment we have made and so pleased to do our bit for the environment. Water tastes great and no more kettle lime scale!

  126. I am very happy with the filter Big Berkey. How I have constant supply of clean drinking water at home and do not need to carry heavy bottled water from shops.

  127. We are using our filter everyday and think it is very good – we can’t taste a thing so it’s brilliant!

  128. Nice tasting water

  129. Love it! Compact, easy to use, and the water tastes fantastic. Highly recommended

  130. Hello,Berkey. You’re cute. Come sit next to me. 🙂

    I love my Berkey. The water where w live is hard and can taste gross and this beauty goes a long way to making it better.

  131. Very easy to set up and water just taste so good now. Even my 6 yr old is guzzling non stop.

  132. Amazing and BEST water for sure.
    Highly recommend

  133. Excellent

  134. i have not received my water filter. Please give me expected date of delivery
    Nina Sanctuary

  135. So far so good

  136. V easy to set up and water tastes great. V quick delivery too.

  137. Brilliant!

  138. The water filter is amazing and the customer service is equally as good. Would recommend to anybody!

  139. Disappointed the cost I expected to offset against six months purchases of bottled water but the water now clogs the kettle and isn’t fluoride free so it’s not any help really as I still have to buy bottle to stop kettle scaling up and can’t use it for cooking for same reasons waste of a lot of money

  140. Great product and great service – thank you!

  141. It might be too early to tell, but there is something not right with the filters, as there is sediment in the kettle when I boil the filtered water for tea. Alos if the water is left to stand overnight in a glass it doesnt taste right in the morning. Im assuming maybe I didnt flush out and throw enough water at the start as it has only been a week. So far the water sates great, I like the look of it but not confident of the filters and if it continues will get back to the manufacturers.

  142. The water is very thin, taste good but there is no way to find out if it’s actually works. How can it be tested.

  143. Expensive for what it does ,but does it perfectly

  144. Fantastic, we absolutely love our Big Berkey

  145. Delighted! Our water is now a pleasure to drink and our tea is no longer tainted. Wonderful product, thank you.

  146. A good quality product.
    Water quality is good.
    A filter falters a little.
    Prompt delivery service.

  147. Excellent rapid delivery of the filter in perfect condition. Great communication and am very pleased with my big new shiny water purifier. I live in a very old cottage, recently moved in, and the pipes are massive copper (and probably lead) affairs so this will help ensure we are not getting an overdose of those metals over the years. Thanks!

  148. I am very pleased with the purchase. Quick delivery and easy to install. The quality of the water is so good.

  149. Absolute rubbish and the lowest quality customer service – had to return only to give me my refund 2 weeks later- this guy should be fired and replaced – don’t buy from here but big Berkeley Europe or

    I cannot stress how unimpressed I was with this company , it’s customer service and just lack of moral – anyone who wants to buy please read this comment and don’t do it here – it will be the worst division ever- they should be out of business. ✌

  150. Very pleased with my purchase

  151. Really excellent and practical.

  152. Just as described! Amazing service, arrived fast! Excited to try it out and set it up.

  153. Love my Big Berkey. The water tastes great and you just know it’s doing you good.

  154. Efficace, simple le système de filtre Berkey offre une eau douce et agréable à boire

  155. We love it! Best water ever!

  156. The water tastes good, I no longer feel the chlorine in it.
    However, the black rubber water stopper and sealers adds a rubber taste to the filtered water. I honestly wasn’t expecting you using rubber on such an expensive water filter. A bit disappointed, unfortunately!

  157. Amazing! From order to my doorsteps in Germany in 3 days. Easy assembling. Very good material and craftsmanship. Pretty fast purification with 2 Filters incl. Fluoride Filters. Tried tab- and stream water. Water tastes great. The product looks also very good. I can recommend it to anyone who can afford it.

  158. We love our water filter the water quality is excellent! We are happy we’ve made the choice to healthier clean water. Especially Fluroide free!!

  159. OK, so we’ve only had this up and running for a couple of weeks, so I can’t give a long-term account yet. Having said that, this filter system has already seriously impressed us all. We live in the South East of the UK and we were previously buying bottled water and using a filter jug for kettle etc – water was okayish, but the plastic bottles we accumulated on a weekly basis were a nightmare.

    Since getting the Big Berkey we have seen two major positive changes in important areas:
    1) The filter has literally TRANSFORMED our tap water for the better. Our water tastes amazing (we’re quite fussy about water taste and smell!) and we’re probably drinking more as a result which is a good thing.
    2) We’re no longer producing plastic waste for recycling – we’ve bought glass bottles to take around with us.

    Putting it together was no problem if you follow the online instructions and we got great tasting water within about a day and a half. On the financial side, well that will only become clear over time. If it continues to be as wonderful as it is now, then it will probably have paid for itself within about 18 months, leaving hopefully many years of cheap and beautiful water ahead. But money wasn’t our main driver; the main driver as to be drinking great quality water.

    Bottom line, right now we couldn’t be any happier with the water that the Big Berkey produces.

  160. I love my Berkey! It is was very easy to set up and the water tastes amazing. I highly recommend.

  161. So far this has been fantastic and the water tastes so good.

  162. The Berkey water quite simply tastes great – it makes such a difference. It looks clean and sits neatly on a kitchen trolley we have with the spigot(where the water comes out) over the edge. If you are not going to buy the base then I would recommend carefully considering where and how you are going to position the berkey spigot. The instructions could definitely be clearer with more diagrams please at each stage. In general very happy with this and imagine that it is a lifetime investment.

  163. best thing i have ever bought no question,The Big Berkey is brilliant and the water is great i strongly recommend

  164. Do like the product but it is a lot bigger than what I expected. I would have thought with the amount of money paid that the pouring spout would have been chrome. Easy to assemble

  165. An essential product we could never be without.

  166. Wonderful, we love it, cheers.

  167. I purchased the Berkey system for my son and his family who are residents of London on the recommendation of my daughter here in the USA who loves it.

  168. Excellent product……great water.Glad I bought this.

  169. Fantastic product. My old filter got out of use due to tap leakage and i was drinking unfiltered water for half a year, to immediately notice that my minor ulcer woke up and i felt generally more stressed. Started with double filtering, fluor add-on, and my sleep and piece of mind returns, so does good skin tone and energy level. Had minor problem with delivery, as box was opened and one seal for holes in upper section was missing and i had to re-use one from old one, which i luckily had available.

  170. Great product and lovely water

  171. hallelujah!!! No more plastic bottles. Love my berkey! Purified water everywhere, even the dogs are happy. Just make sure you prime the filters thoroughly, I didn’t and had to let the system run through three full rounds to get clear water. My mum took delivery of her one a few days ago so I did prime those filters correctly and only had to run the system through once to get clear water. Fabulous but, worth every penny. 🙂

  172. Very happy with Big Berkey: nice and tasty water and free from buying plastic bottles! Arrived as promised in few days. Only trouble in this period of the year, using it in a summer house, is the freezing temperature that comes when you are not in the house. So one has to make special arrangements, but I knew before to buy… and it’s worth the trouble!!:)

  173. Excellent product which should last for years. Very quick delivery too.

  174. Very easy to set up and use. Only the fluoride filters did not work as expected. They added a dusty taste and also slowed down the waterflow.
    This is a great, eco friendly and inexpensive way to have clean water and avoid waste.

  175. Filters are great. Better taste than bottled water.
    4 stars just because it might leek sometimes. But I would definitely recommend it!

  176. I bought the big berkey mainly to remove the toxic fluoride that’s somehow allowed in our UK water supply. Although expensive Its still a great investment and the carbon filters last a long time (fluoride filters will require changing more frequently).
    A great product every household should have
    Happy customer!

  177. I’ve had my Big Berkey for just over 3 weeks, and I’m really delighted with it. It has put an end to buying several gallons of water every week, and the ingesting of the residue from the plastic bottles.

  178. Mon berkey est arrivé avec deux petits coups sur le haut en façade dommage sinon l’eau n’a plus de mauvais goût c’est parfait. La livraison était bien aussi.

  179. Seems to be a quality product. Only had it for a few weeks. Only time will tell if it lives up to all the claims by the manufacturer. The filtered water definitely tastes much, much better than the unfiltered tap water.

  180. So glad I bought the Berkey water filter system, the water is so smooth it makes top brand bottled water seem harsh by comparison,worth every penny.

  181. Excellent! After you’ve tasted Berkey water, normal tap water tastes like a swimming pool! Ugh…

  182. It is still early days for me, but so far I have found the filter works very well. In this part of France we have quite a lot of “inclusions” in our tap wate, some of which are intentional, like chlorine and others accidental, such as lead. That is why most people buy bottled water which, although it is far better than the tap water is not ideal either and not just because of the leaching of the plastic from the bottles. So, I am hoping that the berkey filter will solve the problem. So far so good.

  183. I am very happy with my Big Berkey, the clean smell and pure taste of the water is noticeable compared to tap and bottled water.

  184. Hello. I have sent a few messages about problems I am having with both the regular tap and viewing glass tap. Both leek water. Noone has answered my messages. I want to know returns policy for these parts asap.

  185. We are loving our Berkey Water Filter. Very easy to use, water tastes great and always good to know as a Mummy that my son is drinking the best water quality I can provide for him at home. Ours has pride of place in the kitchen, as aesthetically you couldn’t get better. I can also recommend the glass pouring jug which is great on the table at meal times and fits perfectly in the fridge. Highly efficient service from the Berkey team.

  186. We absolutely LOVE our Big Berkey , no more horrible chlorine/chemical tasting water , just pure clear water , the way it SHOULD be !

  187. fantastic thnx

  188. It’s a fantastic product. We love the taste of water. Thanks a lot.

  189. The Filter itself is good but I am quite disappointed by the instructions and the amount of preparation and testing you need to do before you are able to use it. If it’s that big of a hassle then MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CLEAREST instructions ever. I’m not paying top $ to then have to worry about the product working properly or not! Quite frankly it ruined the whole customer experience for me even though the product is of good quality.

  190. Good product and happy so far. water is clean and fresh and can’ ask for more. However, I have just used it for a week and can’t really compare to the other brands in market. Nevertheless, will still buy it again and will definitely recommend it to anyone.

  191. This water filter has changed our lives. The water just simply tastes good for you. The system is so easy to use.
    We set it up and started using it the minute we received it and haven’t looked back since.
    I would strongly recommend it for every household!

  192. I love my Berkey! Good quality product and great tasting water. Knowing that it’s “pure” makes it even better. A happy customer!

  193. Great, perfect except not being able to know how much is left in the tank

  194. Excellent water system that gets rid of fluoride 🙂

  195. easy to assemble and use, delivery comes on time!

  196. I am very happy with the Berkey Water Filter System. Right in the beginning the water tasted of the minerals I put in, but now it’s absolutely great. It tastes wonderful!

  197. Very easy to assemble.
    Much confusion over the red food colouring test as we use organic food colouring in the UK which does not work for the test, it has to be artificial food colouring.
    Something to note I believe in your instructions.
    I spoke twice to the men at Berkey and they were most patient and helpful.

  198. Water tastes great. Seems very good so far.

  199. Water tastes great, should have bought one a long time ago!

  200. We have had over two years of having unpleasant tap water and using a basic filtering system that took most of the nasty flavour out but not all. Since our Berkey water filter arrived we have had delicious tasting water with a totally unspoilt taste. We did a taste test on the whole family, tap water, filtered water and Berkey filtered water and each one of us got it right, even our 6 year old! It just tastes so much nicer than the other two it really stood out. It’s great there is such a good product out there which makes you feel sure you are drinking the cleanest water possible. Thank you!

  201. I am reasonably happy with the Berkey system. It saves me long journeys to a spring, and I like the fact the filters will last for a long time. What I don’t like is the taste (even after adding minerals). Water has a metallic, rubbery taste. I don’t know whether this will fade with use; I’ve been using it about a month.

  202. Well it’s a berkey so what more should or can I say. We are simply thrilled to have our berkey. The City pipes where we live are very old but we no longer have to worry about this issue since we have a berkey.

  203. I LOVE the Berky. I know have one for home and one for the office. Best investment I’ve made.

  204. My Berkey leaks at the spout — but not always. I’m still trying to figure out why it leaks. For now, I have to keep it by the sink to avoid huge pools of water on the floor. Disappointing!

  205. extremely happy with with the filter, no problems just fresh clean water

  206. I am still waiting for it. Jane Albright

  207. VERY GOOD

  208. I am very happy with my Berkey! The water has a smooth taste and the whole construction is very sturdy and sleek. Highly recommended!

  209. Arrived fast and reliably. The Big Berkey is in use and is great. Top quality and function. Later we’ll be buying a travel version and one for our daughter.

  210. So worth it you will not regret it, incredible water taste like the purest mountain Spring and trust me I have tasted some amazing spring water
    best of the best

  211. It’s leaking What can we do?

  212. Our Berkey filter arrived promptly and was quite easy to put together. Worked brilliantly right away and I’m really pleased with my investment.
    Won’t go back to tap water now!
    Great service.

  213. Tried the Big Berkey in the USA recently and I’m so exited that I will ship 2 to Bali Indonesia where I live !!

  214. Easy to set up, easy to use and clean. Very happy with my purchase of Big Berkey Filter.

  215. Prompt delivery and easy to set up. A few questions that I had were answered quickly. Very impressed with overall service and love the taste of my water. Thank you Berkey worth the price tag.

  216. My water tastes a lot better now, I am definitely glad I bought this. Good customer service as well:)

  217. Great service. Great product.

  218. It’s good but there is stil stuff on the top of the water in the bottom tank, Iv run it through alot of times since purging so hopefully soon it will get better. Overall a good product but way to expensive.

  219. Excellent tasting water and ridiculously efficient. Thanks

  220. This is a brilliant product and well backed up technically as well – easy to set up and works great and very easy to transport – only negative is it can be obtained a little cheaper than sold here – same machine and so on?

  221. Hi so far it’s been great. I will be looking to buy the shower head now. I just need to understand the fittings.

  222. Love it!

  223. Instructions unfortunately were lacking in clarity to aid the assembly, it needs a schematic diagram to show clearly what goes where and why.

  224. I did not like the quality/taste of the water. I keep changing the water twice a day. I was expecting a much better product

  225. Clean, fresh tasting water at last!
    Simple to put together, and one filling every night means we have enough water to cook , brew the tea, and drink for the next day.
    We’re drinking more water as a result. Early days…but so far so good.

  226. Yes indeed I am very happy with my Big Berkey water Filter System . It works very well and it is a pleasure to drink the water cleansed and filtered from impurities.I CERTAINLY recommend it. Thank you.

  227. I bought this over 1 month ago and I’m still unable to use it because of the difficulty in priming it, it really should not be this difficult. I have watched the video and have done everything I’ve seen on it. I have called the customer service line and have been given instructions from a very helpful and patient representative who has told me what to do and I have followed his instructions to the T. I have brushed the elements and spent well over 2 hours slowly trying to get water in them. I filled the container and it flows for about 1 1/2 hours then stops which means the water is not filtering through.
    This machine is not cheap and I gladly paid for it as I wanted clean non toxic water to drink and cook with but a very expensive equipment is sitting on my countertop and I’m still buying water out of toxic plastic bottles. I have just done a detox cleanse and feel very let down that I am again putting BPA in my body from plastic bottles, something I want to avoid. I was had been using another filter system from Dr. Mercola which easily attached to my tap but wanted something more sophisticated and that would last for a much longer time hence my investment in your system.
    I am going to try one more time at the advice from the customer service rep, I’m going to scrape the sides of the filters and again try to prime them. If it does not work I’m returning the product.
    Sorry but I am totally frustrated!!
    Lorna Miller

  228. This is a superb system , no electrics , just passive gravity filtration … The staff at work are really impressed

  229. Awesome shopping experience from online to delivery to using our Big Berkey. Very happy!

  230. Great tasting water!

  231. It’s really good, I tested the tap water with nitrate testers before and after and there is a marked difference. Thank you Berkey filter!

  232. This is a great product, it is well made and I love the way the water has no taste after being filtered through it. The company’s customer service is appalling though, in the event of a problem. That is my one (BIG) complaint!

  233. Excellent product, excellent customer care. Thank-you.

  234. Very happy with the purchase.

  235. Wonderful to be drinking untainted water again (our main concern was chlorine in mains water). The Big Berkey arrived with a small dent in the top tank – not worth carping about.
    Two things that definitely are worth carping about:
    1 – Not many people would want the Berkey overhanging the edge of a worktop, so the alternative is to buy their overpriced stand to accommodate a jug beneath the spigot. Find a box to stand it on!
    2 – You cannot see the water level in the bottom tank. I pointed this out to Berkey, only to be directed to the purchase of a spigot with a water guage for a princely 60 quid!
    Maybe Mr Berkey thinks that all his customers are rich folk, but believe me they are not. Just as with the prices of organic produce, GM-free foods, etc., we are again ripped off for the privilege of caring about our health and what we consume.

  236. Excellent. However it would be good to know the water level.

  237. Ecellenttastingwater.needsightglassspigotnow

  238. Even if you thought the water which comes to you through the tap was OK this water filter system gives you water which tastes wonderful. It’s large enough to give sufficient filtered water to cook with without constantly having to wait for the water to be filtered through a jug system although if you run out it’ll take approximately 15mins to get sufficient to fill a pint glass.
    Looks good anywhere due to it’s polished steel exterior.

  239. Took a few times to prime the filters & the last 10cm of water tends to sit in the top chamber. Haven’t had a chance to do the dye test yet, despite these small issues I’m very happy with the filter. We have a challenge every day to see if between us we can finish the water, which means my daughter drinks much more than before. Could do with better instructions too, I had to turn to you tube.

  240. Straightforward and good results.

  241. The Big Berkey was well packed in a cardboard box and arrived in a timely manner, therefore I would like the say Thank you. All components were in order and assembly was a breeze. I have only been using the Big Berkey for a short time and I’m still evaluating the system. However at the moment I am very pleased with this purchase. Therefore I give it 4 stars at the moment and will update the status after I have completed my evaluation.

  242. perfect! water taste great, portable and no electricity needed.

  243. great filter, feeling safe now

  244. Top quality product, but that’s what I expected from this manufacture and why I purchased it.

  245. Easy to set up and easy to use. Not though sure how the fluoride filters would work. I guess you would fit them into the two spare holes presently blocked with the rubber bungs. If the fluoride filters were fitted in this way. Then surely fluoride would still get through the ordinary filters? Meaning only half the fluoride would be taken out. I am a UK purchaser. Its difficult getting advice from a UK Rep.

  246. A really excellent product thank-you…. the water tastes great after 48 hours of usage. No regrets.

  247. Nice and Perfect !

  248. Lovely but hard to get it together. The priming bit is confusing

  249. Friends of mine use Berkey so to a degree I knew what I was in for with my purchase. I do love it, easy to assemble and priming the filters was a bit fiddly but got there in the end. Customer service department were amazing I have to say, I missed called them and didn’t leave a message but they rang me back anyway! Very happy.

  250. It does what it says on the tin! This is an absolute joy. Beautiful water, no hassle, and I managed to set up my system in about half an hour. This has made a huge difference to my family’s life.

  251. We are happy we bought the Berkey and are very pleased with the water quality!

  252. Delivery was within 24hrs of ordering, easy to set up and away you go, lovely tasting water. Would recommend this to anyone looking for water filter system, no plumbing, free standing and easy to fill. We are giving it 5*****

  253. Very good I found it fiddly to put together but the man in the phone was very helpful and provided video links that made it very easy in the end

  254. Très bon système de filtration.
    Chaque élément le composant est soigné et l’ensemble est efficace et semble robuste. On sent qu’il va durer dans le temps.
    Le filtrage est efficace et assez rapide au final (je dispose de la version standard avec deux filtres).
    Mon seul bémol: L’absence d’indicateur de niveau de la cuve. On doit régulièrement soulever l’étage supérieur du filtre pour vérifier le niveau.
    Ce dispositif existe mais il faut l’acheter en supplément à 50 GBP.
    Un peu cher pour un simple lecteur de niveau…
    Quoi qu’il en soit je pense qu’il serai plus judicieux d’intégrer directement ce dispositif à tous les modèles quitte à avoir un prix d’achat un peu plus cher.

  255. Great product, watch You Tube to show you how to assemble it….. So easy when you watch rather than read instruction …

  256. I am happy to have this product in my house.

  257. Drinking more water. The taste is far better.

  258. We are so happy with our Big Berkey. It is part of the family now and everyone loves the silky, smooth, clean tasting water!

  259. Big berkey is the best water filter system,is based on natural charcoal filters which are excellent for purification.The system is a little expensive but still is worthed the money.recommended by me,recommended by healt ranger Mike Adams

  260. Great! Useful and great!

  261. Delighted with my purchase and service received in ordering and delivery

  262. We bought the Big Berkey to clean up the water from our well – so far so good. It is a really good product and was delivered within a week of order.

  263. Great filter!!

  264. Great water filter, really happy with the taste of our water from it.

  265. Easy to assemble. Clear instructions. Very obvious difference in taste of water. Size is fine for putting in the kitchen, it doesn’t look too big or bulky.

  266. This filter is amazing, so easy to assemble and to use.

  267. Great filter!

  268. This item was purchased specifically to remove fluoride along with other nasty’s in the tap water we use. It was tricky to assemble , particularly priming the filters , but fine if you take time to read the instructions and ponder on what you are doing. The water quality is very good. It takes time to filter through and relies on the pressure of water in the top tank. It is important however not to overfill the top tank if your bottom tank is already full , so we now use an approach of ” if you decant a jug full to use then you refill with a jug full from tap , in order to retain an equilibrium and avoid a flood.Overall I am happy to have made this purchase as it achieves the result I had hoped for. 4/5 would have been 5/5 for clearer assembling and use instructions.

  269. We are very pleased with it. It arrived very quickly & was easy to set up. It looks great & we feel will
    Pay for itself very soon, as we previously bought bottled water. Good to know the water we are now drinking water that is good for us!

  270. Great!

  271. Hmmm, not so sure if the purchase was worth the money paid. Paying so much for a filter we expected to be provided with all the elements that are required for the initial set up of the filter.

    1.The instructions recomend running a test with a pigment that we had no clue how to get hold of. For such an expensive item this should be included in the kit.

    2. Also the water level is quite difficult to figure out. Again we would expect to see this with the kit included in the price.

    3. The filters we don’t know if filter properly as haven’t run the pigment test.

    4. The filters after a month of use started to work extremely slow. We have 4 filters and it started to take them the whole night to filter the water.

    5. The set up instruction was dated looked like from 1920 something more modern would be advantageous.

  272. Ordered another one for the office, love it.

  273. I am very happy with the Berkey, I cleaned it out after three weeks of using tap water and was not surprised to see quite a lot of grunge in the upper chamber. At the same time as buying the Berkey, I invested in a slimline water butt and am now filtering the rain water which is clear, beautiful tasting and soft, altogether I see the Berkey as a God send in these very strange unpredictable times, it is a very classy item and takes pride of place in my kitchen and compels me to drink water frequently to aid good health and weight loss. I reccomend this product highly, Layla

  274. Nice drinking water. Soft and smooth. I gave it 4 stars for one reason and that is a mechanical one. The plastic thread and nuts on the bottom of the carbon filters are very soft and if you slightly push off when filling with water the thread slips. Then you have unfiltered water seeping into bottom container. For the price of unit that’s not good enough. Either double lock nuts or better quality nuts and threads. Otherwise happy with the purchase. I would like to get water tested to be completely sure of the units claims.

  275. Looks good and does the job.

  276. Really pleased with the water – good level of alkalinity.
    Many thanks,
    Joanne Bird

  277. Excellent product. Easy to handle, good water with no taste to chlorine or odder additives.

  278. Brilliant. The water tastes so sweet and It is such value for money.

  279. We bought the filter for health reasons as my wife is being treated for breast cancer. It was delivered very quickly, easy to set up and the water tastes of nothing-delicious! The most important aspect is the fact it’s removing toxins so it has to be a winner. Thank you.

  280. I’ve bought other water filters in the past but none have as good as this. I would recommend this product.

  281. Best purchase ever! We all started drinking a lot more water. Thoroughly enjoying the taste of clean filtered water.

  282. Excellent service

  283. Really pleased with the filter, the water tastes much better. I would only suggest one improvement, to have a level gauge in the bottom holder.

  284. The unit was straight forward (although a little fiddly) to put together. The fitting meant to facilitate water flow through the filters did not work with my style of tap but I think it worked out okay. It seems to have. I have been using the filter for about a week now and I am happy with the outcome. I’m wondering if I should have bought a larger size!

  285. RAS. Your service is perfect. Keep going and change nothing. Even for a french guy !
    Thanks. Stay safe

  286. Berkey – very disappointed. We paid for the filter on 8th June 2016, and when we didn’t receive any acknowledgement, we write on 21st June and asked there our order was? You replied that the order had some error from shipping cost and was not completed. We received a refund and were requested to place another order. Following this, we were notified that order has been submitted and in queue to be processed.

    Then we received a notification that “some error in this Webiterpret system (sp?) that shipping cost should be 10 times higher. You were to let us know when it is sorted! We still hadn’t heard anything after another month waiting, so have ordered product from another supplier. We had hoped to purchase one, try it out and then purchase in bulk if it was suitable. Such a terrible lack of service AND communication.

  287. Great system.

  288. a very good product, easy to put together, tea and coffee definitely taste better. we will see over time how it performs but first impressions, excellent.

  289. Our tap water tastes so much softer and purer. However, it does take a while for the water to be filtered but that is maybe because it is doing such a good job! There are three people in the house who use it, although we have found it is not enough for three people to use it as the rate of which it is being drank is faster than the rate of it being filtered.

  290. Excellent quality – has vastly improved our water!

  291. very happy with this product – looks slick, water tastes great!

  292. Very happy with this filter producing quality drinking water!

  293. What a difference, we love it.

  294. At long last I can drink safe !

  295. Great filter. Our water tastes so much better. But Berkey please consider designing in a level gauge into the bottom section. Thanks

  296. Great product and great service!
    Thank you

  297. Thanks. I believe that the instructions could be clearer if american expressions like faucet(tap) were not used.

  298. Seul bemol, les bouchons en plastique qui bouchent les deux ouvertures laissées vides lorsque l’on ne prendre que 2 filtres. Mais bon pas trop loin choix non plus. Je pense racheter plus tard 2 autres filtres pour retirer ces bouchons. Sinon excellent vraiment. L’eau fraîchement sortie du robinet n’a plus le goût du chlore. On dirait le goût dune eau de source.

  299. Best water ever….this is a wonderful system to filter water. I’am very satisfied with the delivery (to Switzerland) and conditions! Thank you very much!

  300. Good ; Delivery in France with no problem at all. The tank of the top, has a light cut inside, with a strange color around, and I am afraid that some rust comes in time… For the price, I am disappointed…

  301. excellent, prompt delivery pleased with product

  302. After the challenge of proofing the equipment (they really should make this part of it easier) I am very happy with my Big Berkey. Knowing that I am consuming clean, uncontaminated water conveniently at my fingertips is a blessing. Would absolutely recommend this product in fact I am going to purchase one for my brothers who live in the Caribbean.

  303. Product arrived in non merchantible condition so a replacement part had to be sent. The customer service was efficient.

  304. Easy to setup, had few weeks now and so far so good. Clear difference in taste of water.

  305. amazing

  306. Not enough explanations….that we finally found after research on youtube, and they could put leaflets in several languages….

  307. Great!

  308. After 4 weeks, I’m still really happy with my Big Berkey. I love that I finally have fluoride-free water ‘on tap’ and no longer have to buy bottled water!
    I was pleased that delivery (in UK) was free.
    The set-up instructions could have been a bit clearer and less wordy for my taste – ideally with more pictures/diagrams.
    I rate this only four stars as I believe the Berkeys should really come with the glass water spigot by default – assuming the principal customer demographic is household users, it’s just not practical to have to keep lifting the top section to check water levels. I bought my glass spigot directly with the filter as I know that it would make it more comfortable to use and monitor the Berkey.

  309. I would love to say that i am 100per cent happy with my purchase. The water tastes really good. But I have tried to find a company that sells the artificial red food dye that will ship to England. And you can’t buy it here. So disappointing that I can’t test the filters are working properly. Would really appreciate some information of exactly who sells it and will ship it here

  310. We are totally happy with this product and are enjoying drinking more water which we are constantly told is good for us

  311. The Big Berkey is a high spec, easy to assemble, simple to use and very attractive piece of kitchen equipment with cleanable, long life filters.

  312. Extremely happ with my purchase, wonderful sleek produce

  313. had some issues with initial set-up, but now that everything is working, I am very happy with my Berkey. The Support staff were also very helpful answering my questions.

  314. very strange taste to filtered

  315. Very happy with my water filter. Arrived promptly. Water tastes so much better. Wasn’t quite aware the it has to be primed and stored properly should you wish to not use it for 10 days, but I guess that is down to physics of the filtration system. Priming without a forceful jet of water is also tricky. The flat I live in doesn’t have a normal tap end so-to-speak, so I ended up getting water everywhere and not sure how well I actually managed to prime it. Can’t fault the filters and the standard of purification though, so very happy.

  316. Absolutely love my water filter. It was worth the money. I have never really liked drinking water due to the taste, but now I have my filter I drink water all the time.

  317. Ich bin sehr zufrieden und teile die Info mit meinen Kundinnen

  318. Simply truly excellent, the difference in water taste and purity is a revelation and there is no comparison to jug filters. Everyone in the house now drinks much more fresh pure water which can only be a good thing.

  319. Excellent system, easy to set up and produces very clean tasting water!

  320. Excellent product, no longer need to buy bottled water. We live on a narrow boat, Big Berkey perfect size. Highly recommend.

  321. Fantastic tasting water – good looking product.

  322. I’ve not used this filter yet, it is entirely for emergency use. either at home or bugging out, but I can say the quality is obvious as soon as it is unpacked

  323. New instructions are needed to set this up as they are not clear to follow.
    Once set up though, it’s great and the water tastes good.

  324. Very satisfied, very good produced

  325. Very happy with the Becky water filter

  326. Excellent buy worth every penny.

  327. Excellent product, my wife keeps commenting on the difference it has made to the drinking water.

  328. Simple and easy to use, don’t takes to much space. Taste of water not to bad.

  329. The Big Berkey I bought has rubber blocking plucks for the two holes where no filters are used. The filtered water tastes like rubber and the lower part of the filter stinks of rubber. I am wondering how one can produce a water filter where all bad things are filtered out of the water only to put bad things in it again (rubber-taste and chemicals from it). This makes absolutely no sense.
    I asked if they could send me the white plastic blocking plugs instead. With the white blocking plugs the bad taste is gone.
    The other thing is that in the lower part of the filter there are many brown stains, which cannot be removed- may be it is already rusting?
    Also the filter had a big bump on the outside when it was delivered because it wasn´t packaged well.
    I am rather disappointed in the poduct.

  330. Easy to set-up and use. Water tastes “pure”

  331. I think that there is a problem with the rubber cap that make the water taste like rubber…

  332. Apart from a slightly damaged filter on delivery I can safely say this is the best £250 I have ever spent, our water aside from the nasties is horrible, but the filtered berkey water reminds me of the spring water I was using on Crete – absolutely beautiful!

  333. All good….does what it says. Very smart looking. Satisfied so far.

  334. The water tastes different and I have got peace of mind now

  335. Quick and simple replies from customer services, really short delivery times, honestly, it’s a seamless process, you look at the product, take out your credit card and bam, and a few days later, the stuff is at your door 🙂

  336. Excellent product! I am completely satisfied both with the functionality and quality.

  337. I live on a boat and the water supply is basically green… The Berkley has not only filtered the water to a safe drinking level, but also made me drink much more as it tastes great!! I would thoroughly recommend this system to anyone who’s water supply is stored in a tank (boat, van or caravan). Brilliant.

  338. This water filter is wonderfull I recomand at every one, only filter butterfly nuts are very bad very low, its not good tightening !!! So that’s why I don’t have good and quality filtred water.

  339. Easy to assemble, water tastes great. Although I think we could have gone for the smaller version.

  340. Really nice product.

  341. Great. Easy to use. Water tastes so much better now.

  342. Very good quality of product, I only want to mention that the filted water get a taste of plastic, and I don’t know where it comes from. However, the problem seems to disapeer afetr a few uses of the filter.

  343. This water filter was much easier to set up than I imagined. The priming of the filters was a little tricky, but perfectly manageable! The water tastes wonderful, and the flow rate is more than adequate for all uses, many thanks

  344. Delivery was very quick. System it’self was very easy to set up. Water tastes great and we are all very happy with the quality of the product. Would recommend to anyone

  345. Great

  346. Envoie rapide, colis conforme à la commande. Seul bémol, le débit du robinet, très faible… Mais le vendeur n’en est pas responsable évidemment.

  347. I got it for my birthday from hubbie, haven’t opened it yet. But it looks nice, deciding how to put it on the kitchen worktop. Thinking of building a little shelf in the corner.

  348. I have mixed feelings. The filter itself seems to be OK but the company are lacking. The website blazens next day delivery, but actually in smaller print, in a hard to find section that I stumbled upon after waiting in all Sunday it says it only delivers Mon to fri . When I tried to ring to discuss this, I discovered the office closed for a number of days.
    The instructions are pretty naff, and written for folk in America.
    To test the filter, folk on Britain need to also buy American red food colouring (which is illegal to sell here )from the internet. As this isn’t explained on the instructions or internet, I used British food colouring, which I discovered doesn’t do the job. On phoning the very abrupt lady at berkey, I was told to just ‘trust it ‘. Now we are using the filter, and ‘trusting’ rather than knowing it is working. Seems strange for a £230 filter.
    At first the water had a metallic taste and the tap leaked. These problems were fixed using threads on the internet, not by berkey’s lacking instructions or website.
    I have given 4 stars in the hope that it is doing a good job.

  349. happy !

  350. Good

  351. So far great product works well easy to set up used for about a month now would recommend

  352. Works perfectly. You can really tell a difference. We can’t live without water so investing over £200 for up to 11 years of usage of the finest water is a win win. People can be so ignorant to think that tap/bottled water will do. Always put your health first! And get one of these filtering systems. It’s worth it of course! :relaxed:

  353. I was ajle to assemble it kyself and it arrived in a reasonable amount of time. The water tastes so sweet when passed through the Berkey

  354. The filter itself is super just gave 4 stars because it definitely needs those expensive accessories like standing legs and water lwvel indicator

  355. Clean tasting water

  356. So far excellent!

  357. The Best Water Filter Available On The Market Today! I have tried many types. This is the best!

  358. perfect, easy to use

  359. N/A

  360. I like it it’s good

  361. Very happy with taste and quality of filtered water and with the minimal environmental impact. Infrequent filter change, no waste, gravity operated. And you get to work on your core strength refilling, what’s not to like?

  362. Great product. Significant improvement to the taste of the water. The whole family uses it every day and my wife uses it for cooking and cleaning vegetables and other foods also. Would definitely recommend

  363. The lid was dented

  364. Looks good easy to assemble and the water tastes pure, very pleased

  365. Great purchase!

  366. The product is excellent but care must be taken not to overfill the top compartment which can resulit in a flood

  367. Everything works properly, I’m enjoying the product. The essential things is the quality of the water which I am going to check.

  368. I like the idea of this and it looks impressive but there is a taste to the filtered water, which is disappointing as I wanted to taste clean fresh water, the filters are not easy to prime on my taps, over all at bit disheartened as it costs a lot of money.

  369. Delivery confirmation perfect. Thank you!
    I like the design of the boiler so much.
    We are not adding sweetness or squish any more, because water doesn’t smell or test of chlorine.
    The Filters doing an excellent job !!!
    We are saving time and money, because we not buying pallet of still water every month and recycling the bottles every week.

  370. The water looks and tastes fantastic. I like the look of the filter as well. I have built a shelf for it above my sink so easy to refill

  371. so happy with the big berkey :thumbsup::thumbsup:

  372. I am still waiting for it to be delivered even though the website said it was in stock it’s been nearly 2 weeks since I ordered it. So perhaps this isn’t a fair review of the product but I’m disappointed with the delivery.

  373. My Berkey water filter has not arrived yet?

  374. We haven’t received the order we placed with you

  375. Very happy customer

  376. So far I am very pleased with this product .the difference in the water is amazing.

  377. Great product!! Excellent customer service with quick response time. Couldn’t recommend these more!

  378. After 5 weeks I placed the order, the filter has not arrived yet.
    I asked the customer service team to provide some news a couple of weeks ago and I was told that my order was just a “pre-order” as the filters were not in stock (this was not mentioned anywhere on the website at the time I purchased the filter) and I was promised that the filter was going to be sent in a few days. I am still waiting……

  379. unfortunately having a few problems with the berkey and not yet been able to get hold of customer services to help me. have tried calling and left messages…

  380. Water Quality after filtering is very good.

  381. great filter had to wait for flouride filters but soon as they was in stick was delivered and kept up.comto date with schedule . thanks Berkey

  382. Top

  383. product is as described, seller communication & attitude need improvement.

  384. Really impressed with our Big Berkey. The water tastes delicious and it is very easy to set-up and use. We also like the water jug that is so cleverly designed. Highly recommended.

  385. Really great filter. I was skeptical as to how well it would work but my partner persuaded me and I am glad she did. The water tastes great and you can tell it is pure, so much better than our horrible tap water and better tasting than the bottled water we had been replacing it with. This will now be an essential part of our household.

  386. Fantastic buy giving you great tasting water. Wished I had purchased a bigger model, other than that I am more than pleased.

  387. I am happy over all with the berkey except for one thing – i bought the spigot with the water level viewer, and it seems easy to knock out of position- and leaked a bit if it was nudged-
    advice needed from berkey about this.

    i note from instructions about the bevelled washer fitting for the spigot- which came with the smaller spigot.

    the larger spigot with the water level viewer came with different washers- the bevelled one was much thinner- query as to which should i use?

  388. Having placed my order and expecting delivery the next day, I was really disappointed to be advised that the shipment was delayed. In addition, the website needs to be clear / visible to show if your order is classed as a “pre-order”. Currently I am still waiting to receive my Berkey (its been around 2 weeks now….)

  389. Big berkley came a in poorly protected box with a big dint in it and a big dint in the the berkley unit itself.
    Currently waiting for a reply to arrange pick up of damaged in post unit and its replacement,
    I will update review when issue is solved.

  390. Love it

  391. Excellent water filter/purifier. Thank you!

  392. The filter works well, and is simple to use. Very happy with it, with its size which is great for a 5prs family.
    The only regret is that the technical notice is written in English only (we’re French).

  393. The product itself is 5* but have given this review 3* only due to the poor customer experience I’ve had. I ordered the product from the website, expecting next day delivery… only to chase 2 days later and being told they were out of stock and were waiting on shipment from USA. I was given a date of a week later when I should expect to receive the product but again, was delayed. Would have been nice if website had correct info prior to ordering about stock levels.

  394. Excellent….All house holds should have one.

  395. Despite claims that over 8 litres can be filtered per hour mine at best filters 3 tires, or less, per hour. I am a past master at priming the black and fluoride filters, having carried it out approx 8 times on prior and current filters.

  396. One rubber missing in the box !!!

  397. Filter works fine although it had a dent in the side which I didn’t realise till after setting it up.
    I suggested they knock some money off and I just keep it… Because it takes a while to be delivered.
    But they responded saying that it would be exchanged when in actual fact I HAVE HEARD NOTHING MORE! …?

  398. Excellent tasting fresh water

  399. Speedy delivery and considerate time window. Very easy to assemble. Money well spent!

  400. Very happy

  401. I am very pleased to say that I am enjoying my water at a different level since using my Berkey it has a much purer taste. I live in a hard water area and it seems to make it softer.

  402. Great product can taste the difference

  403. Love my Berkey – can’t fault product or service 🙂

  404. Love it. Water tastes good. Beer tastes good. Shrimp tastes good.

  405. Very happy with this system it was easy to assemble and the water tastes great l would recommend it to anyone

  406. easy to assemble, water tastes great, good value for money

  407. Great product, highly recommended.

  408. Wish i had invested in one earliar. Love it can really taste the difference 🙂

  409. The Big Berkley Water Fliter system is amazing, it removes all of the chemical smells from our tap water, the delivery was very prompt and it does everything that it claims, with that said I was very disappointed with the packaging and I felt that there was insuffient material to avoid damage and our system came with a nice dent in it. Also the instructions were poor and it was much easier to follow a youtube video in conjunction with the tacky printed paper work.
    Considering the system cost over £300 I think a little attention to detail would go a long way.
    Due to this I can only give a 4 out of 5.

  410. The water is excellent: I should have bought the plastic version so that one can see the water levels in the tanks. It’s a pity there is no easy way to check the water levels other than by removing the lid or lifting the upper tank.

  411. All excellent except a faulty tap – too slow to be of practical use

  412. Tap is ineffective otherwise an excellent product.
    A stand is essential and should be included in the package as should fluoride filters for sales in the UK

  413. Very happy with my purchase, worth every penny!!

  414. Loving my Big Berkey – easy to use and refreshing filtered fluoride free water to use.

  415. Awesome water filter, the water tastes like good bottled water (evian, etc), I am glad we bought it!

  416. :thumbsup::blush:

  417. Superb not tasted water this good before and our Welsh water is supposed to be good compared with other parts of the country but it now tastes super clean. Really easy simple set up, and much cheaper than the plumbed in versions which require ongoing maintenance and filter change costs. Much better than any other option I researched very happy.

  418. Fast delivery, easy to assemble with straight forward instructions, and amazing drinking water. Only wish I had got one sooner! Definetly recommend.

  419. Product fantastic

  420. A water filter that is 5 stars at least!

  421. Easy to use.

  422. Very pleased with it.

  423. Really good, very impressed with the company and the Filter itself.

  424. Fantastic product , water tastes great !!

  425. Fantastic product and service. Couldn’t be happier.

  426. Fantastic! Should have done it sooner.

  427. Bought this to replace my alkaline water jug filter. Whilst the initial cost is much more than what I was replacing, the super long life on the filters between changes mean the overall cost over, say, 10 years will be very similar when adding in the cost of many replacement filters for the jug filter. Same cost for a superior product – no brainer really.
    The water jug I purchased at the same time is very stylish and useful for storing filtered water in the fridge.

  428. the water tastes very sweet.

  429. This was simple to set up, and it’s great having access to an easy supply of good , clean water, knowing it’s free of any nasties.

  430. I love this product. Buying the Big Berkey was the best decision I’ve made in a long time

  431. Brilliant love the water filter.water beautifully clear.

  432. Don t know how I’ve lived all these years with out it for me it’s the best thing I’ve purchased I years towards my good health you won’t be disappointed

  433. The Big Berkley Water System does a good job but the delivery service was very very poor. It took 4 attempts to get the complete system to me, a shambles. I even had to pay the post office because the company didn’t put the correct stamp on a delivery!!

  434. The best purchase I have made in the long time.

  435. Unfortunately my spigot is still leaking despite numerous attempts to sort it out and I wasted money on the fluoride filters as I found instructions to fit were inadequate, the YouTube videos recommended did not show exactly the figment so I broke seals and was then unhappy about using them.
    I then threw a tablesp red food dye in to check but this is for the American market I understand , thus I had black / grey liquid coming through filter . This was a very messy procedure.
    Suggest we have separate very clear printed instructions for the UK market …I know you do say it somewhere but it’s not emphasised. Maybe use red print for certain things….
    I think your instructions need scrutiny , they need updating and they need to be very clear.
    Disappointed and I have to regularly clear up leak so not ideal
    Thank you for asking !
    Jennie Sutton

  436. Taken a while to decide to buy but so glad we did, wonderful fresh tasting water. Tip watch set up videos.on youtube to make it easy to understand the instructions and for hints and tips; We got.the spiggot with the glass viewer too because of reviews and the whole system is so much easier to use because of it. I marked the levels of each jug full on the glass so we always know how much water to add to fill it to capacity.

  437. Difficult to review the system with this limited survey. The water is fantastic!! The unit looks great. BUT!!! it arrived dented which is such a shame for such expense and the faucet leaks. In spite of the note in the instructions that placing the unit where it wont cause damage by leaking is just ‘incase’ it seems apparent that this is in the instructions precisely because they do leak.
    On a more positive note after a week of mopping up the washers seem to have settled in and its not leaking so much anymore. So – excellent product. Can you work on the protective packaging and faucet system?

  438. I felt RO filter water taste better

  439. Easy to use and the water tastes so clean.
    Better than any other filters we have tried!

  440. Water filter is good but as you know the filter it self is damaged but awaiting a new one .. water :thumbsup:

  441. Brilliant will buy more filters and looking to get the fluoride filters aswell to further improve the water quality…

  442. The lid of the filter had a dent on it, which was exchanged without a problem. Can taste the difference to the water and therefore happy with the product, although it’s mentioned it can filter up to 8 litres of water, I will have to disagree with that, as on ave. around 1.5 litres of water stays behind in the upper compartment.

  443. Although it took a few days to get here (not the advertised next day, if ordered before 2pm) and I had to watch a You Tube video to get it set up fully, I love it!

  444. I have to give this only 2 stars, as firstly, the instructions to set up are not very easy or simple for an older lady to put together. I couldn’t prime it well. Eventually a friend did it for me. Next i filled up with water, ran it out & refilled all ready for use. I had a flood then as water ran out between the canister rs. Lastly, my kettle still makes limescale! It hasn’t removed the ‘hard’ bits in the water. The tea remains discoloured & stains the cups. What am i doing wrong ? Are the Big Berkley filters working? How can i be sure of this? What is my water PH now? How can i test to confirm that it was worth spending this money or recommend it to anyone else?

  445. Loving it!

  446. Really pleased with this purchase

  447. Brilliant.

  448. Very impressed with my big berkey. Not too big for the kitchen and enough fresh filtered water for a small family. Highly recommended.

  449. I cannot believe I did not buy one of these a long time ago. Excellent product and brings a lot of comfort knowing the water we drink is do much cleaner.
    Thank you.

  450. It arrived damaged and as yet the damaged part has not been replaced. Although I have been told I can use it and I would be offered a free jug. I explained that I did not want it expect to have to use and display in my kitchen a damaged water filter. I have been assure I will get a new part, as yet it hasn’t arrived and being 70 I really don’t want to assemble something only to disassemble it and re assemble again when the new top comes. Given all this I think it would have been more appropriate and caring to offer me a free jug anyway along with the new part as some kind of compensation for less than perfect water filter. At present I feel more like sending it back that storing something that is faulty. Kind regards Lizzie Smisarski

  451. Great product – great service. Easy to put together and great comfort knowing I now have clean, great tasting water

  452. Brilliant! Wish we’d bought one years ago!

  453. The water filter is easy to assemble and will make a huge difference to cutting out the toxins contained in water here in the Channel Islands. One issue is that the company would not deduct the VAT from my order despite it being an export item. This VAT is not payable to the HMRC and therefore the company are over charging overseas customers

  454. This product is great!

  455. It was easy to assemble and the quality of the filtered water is very good. The overall appearance is very pleasant and it is simple to run and there no maintance required. Excellent buy I am very pleased.

  456. The quality of the materials is impressive, the water jug makes pouring easy and fits perfectly in the fridge door. The water tastes of nothing at all. Which is a good thing. As would be a sight glass spigot.

  457. My tap water tastes horrible like a metal swimming pool the Berkley water System makes the water taste beautiful like it came from the mountains! I highly recommend it.

  458. The Big Berkey was delivered the day following my order and the water it purifies taste fantastic! Only the instructions to put it up could be clearer and the drawing of the parts of much better quality and with a proper better legend. The most important for me being the water you get from the purifier I still give 5 stars to my review of this product .

  459. Working well – only issue was the instructions sent were confusing but we found good videos on YouTube

  460. very good

  461. I bought Berkeley almost one month ago and I am really happy with the quality of the water text really good

  462. Very good purchase, quick, no problem delivery. The filter itself was easy to assemble although I realised we need a stand too after using it for few days. The water tastes very fresh & I use it for cooking, drinking, washing vegetables for last wash. My kids love it too. We’ll not touch bottled water if we dont have to. How did we ever drank that! Big Berkey gives plenty of water & there is 5 of us. We love it & recommend it highly to everyone.

  463. I like it and it is great quality. It had a problem with the spigot. Service from Berkeley Water Filters and especially Hilda has been superb. Cannot fault them for their quick response and help.

  464. We love it! Followed you tube instructions which were easy. Finally some drinking water that tastes nice and not from a plastic bottle. :blush:

  465. Excellent product. Purchased with the spigot that increases the pressure and you can easily see how much water is left. Well worth it. Arrived with a dent in the top chamber but this was replaced within a few days. Great service.

  466. i like it tastes like water again

  467. Best thing we have bought. Water tastes amazing. Only real annoyance is that there is no indicator on how full it is and therefore how easy it is to overfill and flood the kitchen floor! Seems a massive design flaw. And if you use the fluoride filters it doesn’t work unless you ease the vacuum by adding a paper clip which is rather irritating for such an expense. Still, the water quality is wonderful.

  468. Great filter. It’s got the whole family drinking more water, which is a result in itself.

  469. So far all working well, we are very pleased with the product

  470. Water tastes and smells better. Very simple to assemble and use. Highly recommended!

  471. It would be useful to be able to check at a glance the water level in the lower tank.

  472. Fantastic , the water tastes clean and fresh !
    Fast delivery :package: and setup instructions
    Just need a stand now !
    Many thanks

  473. Great tasting water! Our only complaint, was the written instruction that came with the Berkey (we purchased both filters, Black & White, as well as the sight glass spigot). Very Poor. In the end, we had to refer to video instruction online, to clarify. One last recommendation to customers purchasing a Berkey, would be, buy the sight glass spigot. We have found it invaluable in gauging how much water is left in the at the end of each day. We would have also liked spare rubber sealing washers included in the kit.

  474. Well made, helpful staff, water taste’s good, tastes clean.

  475. Works as advertised. Tap is a bit fiddly and too close to tank to easily fill kettle. may consider upgrading tap. Had to wedge a bit of cardboard between top and bottom tanks to allow air in, otherwise the flow from the tap was very slow.

  476. Amazing ! Water feels cold and crystal clear!!!

  477. Never knew you could enjoy water

  478. Simply excellent!

  479. Service was carried well in good condition. Happy with the filter except the tap which sometime can rotate despte is screwed in properly

  480. Fast delivery, good customer service.

  481. Excellent product producing clean tasting water

  482. Ok

  483. Filter is great however the item arrived damaged.

  484. Excellent purchase.Great to know the water is so pure with no nasties.
    Tastes good too.I highly recommend the Berkey.

  485. the money left my account more than two weeks ago and still i’ve had no reply to my emails as to why i paid for next day delivery and two weeks later STILL have no filter or even a vague approximation of when it might appear.
    by now id assumed i had been caught by what i presumed was a fake website and my money was gone.
    so , not very impressed would be my feedback so far.
    i do SO hope that may change tho.

  486. Great tasting water, very popular with all the family. Stylish but simple design. Have to keep careful eye on when to top up.

  487. I love my Big Berkey. The water tastes so fresh. I would recommend this product 100%

  488. I am delighted with my Berkey Water Filter System and highly recommend it. The water tastes really good.

  489. Great tasting water!!

  490. Very Happy, its the best, see Mike Adams’ water filter test

  491. Despite the marketing blurb, I see from the lab test results that only 75% of Glyphosate is removed,

    Neonicotinoids, Chlorpyrifos, Clothianidin, Imidacloprid and Thiamethoxam do not appear to have be tested for. This is surprising since these are the most common biocides found in water and affect or are suspected of causing damage to human health. They have either been banned from use or may be banned from use. For example, Glyphosate has been categorised by the WHO as a probable carcinogen.

    I also note conflicting results for removal of Aluminium (that is associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease). The Los Angeles test result states a 75% reduction whereas the Envirotek results state a 99% reduction.

    I am disappointed by the reliance upon plastic components. There is no indication that these do not incorporate BPA or other harmful substances that may leach into the water.

    In conclusion, marketing claims are suspect and I am disappointed that my request for clarification and further information was brushed aside by Berkey Customer Services. If there were a zero, I would have selected it.

  492. Fantastic water filter, so glad I’ve made the investment, the water tastes so pure and fresh.

  493. Very good filter, so much better than other filters available such as brita.. well worth the initial expense.

  494. Banging piece of kit

  495. Want to return

  496. Water has never tasted so good. No smell of Chlorine and my kids can’t get enough water. I wish I had bought this sooner.

  497. I love my berkey filter. Clean tasting water and much safer than a distiller. My last 2 distillers blew up, wont happen with my berkey!

  498. all very good

  499. We are delighted with our purchase, great peace of mind that our water is clean! Thank you

  500. Very happy with my Berkey and the fast delivery from your company. We are now enjoying the much improved taste of clean and clear water .

  501. Perfect product ” everything we hoped for”
    A BIG Thank you!!!! Please keep up the great work.

  502. Very happy with my berkey, easy to assemble, easy to use, water tastes great, the kids are drinking a lot more water now which was my plan 🙂

  503. I would like to tell you that the instructions are incomprehensible. For installation I asked people who had already installed a berkey fountain how to proceed. Please make a manual readable and understandable.
    Thank you

  504. Excellent equipment. Instructions could be much clearer but other than that we are very pleased.

  505. Great product happy with delivery speed & customer service

  506. we have no means to test the water to say that it is really fillerted. unless you had sent to us the kit to prove that the water is really filter.

  507. The assembly instructions are not clear at all!

  508. The Berkey water filter system is excellent value for money and the perfect solution for all your water needs.
    The system is very easy to assemble and requires very little maintainance. The filters remove all the harmful pollutants, leaving great tasting water.
    The unit is built to last a lifetime and is an attractive addition to any kitchen.
    I highly recommend the Berkey water filter system. Once you have one you will wonder how you managed without it.

    Robert McGill.

  509. Water tastes better… although I do see like bubbles maybe tiny bits of dust or whatever it is…. I’m not sure if it’s normal? The BBC has been filled up 3/4 times and chucked down drain and filters extra primed but still get like dust particles in water.

  510. I’m very pleased with my Filter.

  511. great filter – great customer service

  512. It works perfectly. We are very pleased with our recent purchase of the BIg Berkey Water Filter System. No more bottled water in our future.

  513. Very happy with my Berkey, and am now addicted to clean fresh water so I`m drinking more which is great! It looks good even in my tiny kitchen. I`ve only given it a 4 instead of a 5 as I find it mildly annoying that the water comes out of the tap quite slowly but have discovered that keeping it as full as possible helps with this as there is more pressure. Have found that green veggies stay green when cooked in this water and generally taste better.

  514. Love the big berkey water does taste great but can’t stop water tap from slow leak. Don’t want you o over tighten as it’s made of plastic. All in all love our berkey. :grinning:

  515. Parfait, dommage qu’il n’y est aucune explication en français !!!

  516. Water tastes good

  517. We are very pleased with our water filter . thank you.

  518. Wonderful!

  519. good seller

  520. A great product, Very happy water tastes good :blush:

  521. Amazing

  522. I had been skeptical about spending so much on a water filter, but it has been an excellent purchase. The filter and its component parts are clearly of a high quality, and the water tastes amazing. The filter also looks really good too, and sits comfortably on our counter top next to the sink. The only improvement would be an automatic inclusion sion of a gauge to tell you what the water level is, as I currently have to lift off the top part to check each time I feel the pressure getting less from the tap. I know that such a gauge does exist but couldn’t see it on the website when I bought it, and it was apparently an extra cost anyway. Still a fantastic filter though, and I’d highly recommend.

  523. Obvious improvement to taste.
    My family is now drinking water of better quality. That feels good.
    This product is great.
    Please give me a discount on the smaller one! Please!

  524. Great device – water tastes really good too.

  525. Ok

  526. Brilliant bit of kit, does exactly what it says it will do.

  527. It’s the best water filter system we’ve ever had! Although the price is off-putting at the outset, when you calculate the numerous and frequent filter replacement purchases other filter systems require, it’s quite affordable and even cost-effective. We find the water from our Berkey to be better than bottled water and we love our system!

  528. First class

  529. Excellent

  530. Amazing service, very quick delivery and a fantastic product – very pleased

  531. I haven’t received my water filter yet. It was sent overseas without an invoice! I can’t believe that someone would send it internationally without any info at all. It got stuck at customs because they couldn’t send it onto me without information. Nobody told me anything, and I waited over a week longer than the expected time frame. Then I had to go away on holiday. I just hope it will be delivered safely when I get back. Unfortunately I will probably have a hefty bill from customs for wasting their time! This was very frustrating.

  532. Exelent

  533. Easy to assemble, and the water tastes great. Fits neatly on the kitchen worktop. We are re-filling our daily.

  534. A very sturdy and well made piece of equipment. Initially had a small leak but that disappeared after tightening the tap.

  535. Brilliant service

  536. Love this water filter, has changed my life!

  537. Reasonable product, satisfied customer, would like it to a little bit cheaper, have recommend to friends KM

  538. Just excellent!!

  539. Easy to set up, looks very stylish in the kitchen and the water taste & quality is fantastic. Would advise that anybody who is conscious about their health and well being purchases a Berkey

  540. This water filter is fantastic. I’d forgotten how delicious water is!

  541. Bien reçu dans les délais. Société parfaite. Par contre il est légèrement cabossé sans doute pendant le transport.

  542. the water tastes great, though I didn’t like that the unit came dirty with some black spots inside that were hard to remove and some still left, also there is a dent in the chamber. I have also ordered the blomus water carafe that came as a promotion together with the filter.. for few days couldn’t use it as the lid sealing rubber was so stinking and making the water stink and taste rotten. I removed the rubber and held it in bicarbonate of soda for 70 hours to remove the smell. I have also ordered the sports berkey bottle. And that is making water taste dry and as a consequence in a strange constant thirst. Everyone who drank from it reported same. I have contacted berkey about it, but no suggestions apart from ‘they have never heard of this’. I thought that had to be replaced in case the filter is not what’s supposed to be. I don’t feel same sure to drink from it as from the berkey unit itself (also to mention it’s all plastic and sitting in the water the whole time).
    I have also bought the glass spigot and that is a wobbly overpriced plastic piece of nothing. In my opinion there should be no plastic touching water in the whole system at all. Besides the spigot has these rubber parts also sitting in filtered water. That’s something to be developed still.
    regards the taste of water I have recommended the berkey filter unit (not the other products though) for my friends and they have bought one. Shame it has also come with a dent. What’s that supposed to mean? Do we get here in UK out of line products for twice the price of what costs in US?

  543. I am drinking more water now that I have a Berkey. The water before filtering tastes terrible and I have used a distiller in the past but that water though clean tastes so flat. I am very impressed by the quality of the water after it has gone through the Berkey.

  544. So far so happy with my Berkey! The water is completely clean and odourless and I get pleasure from drinking it. Very straightforward!

  545. excellent product.

  546. Great product. Tasty water and no more plastic bottles.

  547. We are very happy with our “Big Berkey” water filtration system.

    However, in a short period of time the lid handle broke from the retaining screw which was disappointing as my partner had talked about purchasing one for many months and it was a birthday gift.

    BUT, Berkey responded to my email very quickly regarding the handle and replaced it immediately with a new one, no questions asked and have been most apologetic about what is probably a very rare issue.

    The system is brilliant and I commend them on the product, quality and service.

    Thank you Berkey.

  548. Perfect clean wather with super smooth taste. My girlfriend ordered her own a week later.
    One of the best purchases for my apartment.

  549. Great tasting water, good investment!

  550. Easy to assembly clean water and great customer service

  551. Great water and filtration system.

  552. Should have bought one years ago

  553. Great chouce

  554. Good prompt service. Had a problem with the tap and resolved without question. Great filter system

  555. Wonderful product, life changing, finally I can drink quality water daily. Thank you so much.

  556. As problem priming the flouride filters

  557. So far are excellent filter the taste of the water is amaZing making impossible to drink any other one .

  558. As im pregnant and planning on breastfeeding I thought there was no better time to start drinking clean water and this filter has been amazing and I also bought the flouride filters too. Brilliant and speedy delivery couldn’t be happier.

  559. Arrived quickly and easy to assemble. So far using it every day and love the sweet-tasting water which unlike our tap water does not smell of chlorine. I did overfill it to start with and flooded the counter-top but now realise how many jug-fulls it holds at a time. Very pleased to date.

  560. great product & very quick shipping

  561. Very pleased with my purchase. Not only do I not have to worry any longer about the chemicals in our tap water, it also makes the water taste great.

  562. We did the taste test: one glass tap water, the other filtered water and the difference is amazing. You can actually taste the metals in the tap water once you’ve had the filtered water, where as before we were completely unaware of the taste as that is all we knew. I have never drank so much water — I’ve never been bothered by it, but now it’s all I drink. If I could give it more than five stars, I would; everyone should be drinking filtered water from Berkey systems.

  563. We love our Big Berkey Water Filter System. Easy to use & great tasting water.

  564. very good will be getting another one for my brother the best think i bout
    thank you

  565. Very simple to set up. The instructions are good, but possibly can be revised to become a little clearer. Carried out PH Level tests (using tester bought from Amazon) and was very happy to find it compared slightly better (more alkaline, Ph Level 8.6) than some of the best and more expensive bottled water. It will cut down my annual spend on bottled water by roughly 50% and will pay for itself in the first year. I would highly recommend it.

  566. Love it

  567. We recently bought a Big Berkey Water Filter System with additional Fluoride Filters.
    We already had a whole house water filter system fitted but were still spending money buying bottled water for drinking.
    The water through the Big Berkey is far superior to bought drinking water. We also use it to cook with and to rinse salads etc. It is easy to use and we are delighted with it.

  568. So far, really pleased with the system! My brother has had one for a while and recommended it. The online video was very helpful in putting it all together!

  569. As there is no window to see container’s water level it’s very difficult to know when to top up. Because of this it has leaked twice and also we have been without water. Very frustrating.

  570. Discrepancybeween contents ana contents liat. . Spigot with nut and washer missing

  571. The water doesn’t smell or have any after-taste 😀

  572. Great filter, easy to set up and use! Water tastes very clean.

  573. Love it. thought the instructions were a bit vague. Website did not explain why 2 or 4 filters for big one.

  574. It arrived quickly. We double checked how to set it up by watching it on you tube. It takes a bit of time for the water to go through but you get to know how much you use and how to keep it filled for your needs. My only negative is that the tap leaks if it is too full so you need to make sure there is room for the water to drain into the bottom section, again you quickly get to know how much to put in. The water tastes lovely and is crystal clear, very pleased we got one.

  575. We love the filter

  576. Appears a good quality product, I recommend it to others. Glad I bought the stand with it as that is definitely useful.

  577. Product arrived swiftly and operates as described. Without testing the water I can’t say whether it’s working but the suggested food colour test worked. For the money there are some irritants…..there is no indicator to show how much water is the in the reservoir. The tap feels and looks cheap and seems to be the lowest cost option. Bearing in mind the product is on display because of its size, a better tap would help. I also doubt it’s long term robustness.
    Overall we bought it to filter water and we’re recommended the Berkey as being the best, so I’m hoping it does that. Could do better on style and form for the cost.

  578. This review is after one month usage.
    The build quality is not as high as I expected, you can see inside of the containers where the welding was done. The quantity of water that flows through the filters from the upper container is 7.8 litres, because there is some water that alway stays in the upper container.
    In the first one or two weeks it took around 2 hours for all the water in the upper container to go through filters in the lower container. Now, after one month, it takes 2-3 hours to filter around 70-80% of the water and the last 20-30% it takes an additional 8 hours to get filtered (I’m only put tap water into the filter). I hope this rate of filtering doesn’t slow down any more.

  579. I am very satisfied

  580. Dddddddd

  581. Nice bit of kit recommended

  582. Really good

  583. It’s been all OK!

  584. Had a leak when first set up, due to the tap needing tightening up.
    I thought our tap water was ok in our area being so close to seven trent, but you realise how bad it is when the berkey water tastes of nothing and feels silky smooth. The family have all commented how drinking a glass is now enjoyable. Amazing.

  585. An excellent product and good customer service when all was not right with original delivery. Highly recommended..

  586. Arrived in good time , relatively easy to assemble , slight drip at first, we love it ,water is drinkable at last. Looks smart too.

  587. Fantastic water.. thank you

  588. Excellent product and water tastes so much better! Only gripe is the instructions have not been tailored/ altered for UK. It does not specify that you need to use artificial red food dye to do the filter test and this is not available to buy in the UK and so if you want it you have to pay the extortionate £15 for 10ml on the Berkey website!

  589. Quick delivery, great service and a fantastic product. I love my Big Berkey, I am very happy with it!

  590. Excellent filter, water tastes delicious and next day delivery was true to its word

  591. Well made, good quality water filter. Straight forward installation and very easy to use. Highly recommended!

  592. Super. Ce filtre est merveilleux. Merci Berkey

  593. Great thank you

  594. Obviously brilliant filtration. We’ve noticed a difference and we live in a chalk-stream fed area. I will be buying a small one for work as soon as I can afford it.

    I have a question: In light of recent research that found massive contamination by plastic micro particles in drinking water, can we be safe in assuming our Berkeys can already deal with this?

  595. Good clean water.I am happy with product.

  596. very well

  597. Very happy

  598. Fine product, works perfectly well. Anytime again.

  599. Love it and wish I’d bough tit ages ago

  600. 🙂

  601. Can never go back to tap water after drinking this!

  602. Brilliant! Couldn’t be easier to set up and the taste of our water has been transformed. The stainless steel looks great in the kitchen too. Would highly recommend.

  603. Absolutely superb…on all levels. produces silky smooth HEALTHY water and looks great in my kitchen..easy to assemble, and saving me a fortune!!. The filter will last for 11 years before replacing. It cost me less than I spend every year on spring water! I have a sport berkey for out and about too…so I NEVER EVER buy water. If only all life’s issues could be so effectively and practically dealt with. Jeremy Price. Presteigne UK

  604. Great product. Very kind customer service (Hilda). Thank you ! 😉

  605. the Berkey is beautiful, the water is good (and I live in Africa!) and it is so nice not to buy anymore plastic bottles !

  606. Filter arrived quickly. Happy with the product – really clean tasting water.

  607. Really crystal clear water with a clean taste. The best filter I have ever used.

  608. No problems so far

  609. extremely pleased enjoying good quality water, on hand all the time; recommending to all my friends and family- fantastic

  610. great product was looking for it for years!!!!

  611. A asking you to deliver it to me in Thailand. After the purchase I exchange about thirty mails. Except that today you are still unable to tell me or is my package. I ordered it more than a month ago and I find it LAMENTABLE on your part, and I am wondering if you are not bandits or dishonest people? So I ask you again: is my package containing the Berkey filter? I have been patient until now but I will put this case in the hands of my lawyers because what happens is inadmissible and I will destroy your reputation on social networks. a good word, greeting .

  612. great, very happy with the purchase, arrived as stated and is a fab addition to my kitchen and life! thanks

  613. It is a great product ! it looks beautiful, all details are very good and the water from it tastes very good too.

  614. Great product. Would recommend it.

  615. Excellent so far. People expect organic food to taste utterly different, and similarly they might expect their water to have a stunning taste transformation, which it doesn’t really. But it’s lovely to be rid of the chlorine pong! Animals are far more sensitive than we are, and we struggled to get our dog to drink enough tap water, but he is drinking far more Berkey water – he senses the differences we cannot.

  616. Very happy with it.

  617. Amazing! Love it!

  618. Delighted with our purchase, the water tastes great. Rather complicated to assemble first time but all very straightforward now that it is up and running.

  619. Great tasting water – much research has proved this system to be the best

  620. Absolutely fantastic …’s got to be bbbbberkey

  621. Super

  622. Great

  623. Love it, I now drink more water and don’t mind if it is room temperature. I used to only drink fridge cold water.

  624. Fantastic product! So easy to use too.

  625. Thank you for sending the water filter so fast!

  626. easy to use and looks great in the kitchen

  627. Very good service and beautiful product: I bought the big berkey and the blomus water jug. Very happy with both!

  628. Nice item, clean packaging

  629. Too much expensive, not really like it. Could have used the money some better product

  630. Excellent

  631. everything fine

  632. Excellent filter for here in Switzerland where the tap water is very ‘hard’. My son has the same one in NYC.

  633. Was delivered with a small dent in the upper chamber,might be cosmetic only and might’ve happend during transport, but still.

  634. Great value product. Easy to assemble and use. Water tastes so much nicer! And the flouride free filters are a great add on!

  635. Very pleased with my purchase, I now have good clean tasty water. Delivery very quick.

  636. The thing that attracted me to this water filtration system was tha fact you don’t change the filters for 11 years this made the price of it more reasonable. The system we had before this was a kinetic water filter but this is far more superior all the family could taste the difference. The water is very pure and smooth is how we all discribed it and with the little extra for the lifetime warranty we’ve got peace of mind too

  637. Je suis satisfaite de mon Big Berkey. L’eau est très bonne après filtration. J’ai été livrée rapidement. Merci

  638. I am using the Berkley daily and love it but the expensive stand doesn’t quite fit the system and therefore the Berkley system wobbles on it (annoying). Also, the stand could be a few inches taller to account for differing sizes of pots and containers.

  639. Totally sutisfied!

  640. It’s taken me a little while to get used to my Big Berkey. The sight spigot that I bought turned out to leak and I realised that I didn’t actually need it as I live alone, so can easily manage my usage. The water is delicious and I’m delighted to finally have clean water as previously I was using a Brita and understood that they weren’t all that effective. I think the instructions could be rewritten as they were blurry and difficult to follow especially since the print is really small. I no longer have the eyes of a 20 year old. Anyway, now that I seem to have gotten through the experimentation stage, I’m very happy with my Big Berkey.

  641. I recently purchased the Berkey-water filter on the many recommendations I’ve read. Really happy with it and feel relaxed knowing I’m drinking clean water. Only criticism on the design….it would be so useful to be able to see the level of the water in the bottom container without having to lift the top one off.

  642. Yeeees

  643. Very happy with the service, product and taste of filtered water.
    The included instructions weren’t that clear so save some time and view on youtube instead.

  644. What a great product which does exactly says it will do..we bought ours with four filters and the quality of water has improved ten fold and is beautiful to drink now , no more stomach ache or flare up of duverticulitis or chrons disease has receded and i feel so much better…amazing whats in water and how it affects my village alone since i discovered a lot of neighbours on main water.system have same bowel problems and have now purchased this system.. I would recommend this highly for everyone…

  645. very pleased with my berkey water filter, quick delivery time too

  646. We are impressed with the speed of delivery, quality of the unit and filters (we also purchased fluoride filters) and the apparent quality of the filtered water.

    However, a couple of negative points, I’m afraid.

    1. We are very disappointed that items that should be incorporated as standard, viz stand and sight glass, come as expensive optional extras. This looks like a case of “up-selling” and akin to buying a car, with wheels as costly optional extras!
    2. The lack of visibility of water levels in the unit, means removing the upper chamber and having to guess the additional volumes required. This is very inconvenient, and runs the risk of both filter damage and/or a potential flood.
    3. The instructions for assembling the unit, whilst necessarily detailed, were not very clear (as evidenced by some of the questions on your website). Eg the priming “button”, is actually a washer, having initially assumed the button was missing. It’s a washer – Keep It Simple!

    We do look forward to years of use of the filter but these are simple and essential improvements in our opinion, which would have otherwise merited a 5 star rating for the unit.

  647. Expensive but very good. One improvement would be a level indicatoer on the bottom container to give indication of when running out.

  648. OK!

  649. Delighted with my big Berkey filter. Thank you.

  650. Delivered efficiently; customer services very helpful; water tastes fine – as far as I know it is purer than it was before being filtered. All good.

  651. Its ok just doesn’t deal with the lime in the water, which we didn’t realise until we started using it.

  652. Love my big Berkley filter. I bought the fluoride filters too and the water tastes and smells great, so much better. Great delivery and service. Everything is explained in the directions but I did watch some videos on YouTube just to see what I was doing and making sure I fit the filters properly. Very happy with my purchase. Highly recommend.

  653. I’m very satisfied with my purchase, except that there was a bump in the container, due to transport, I presume

  654. I found it a bit tricky to prime the filters but once I’d managed it.
    It’s a dream.
    A special thankyou to Hilda at customer services to guide me through the process.

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How safe is the water you drink ?

These days it’s getting more and more difficult to find clean drinking water. Sometimes even bottled water is just regular tap water full of harmful chemicals like chlorine, lead, and other pollutants.

Berkey water filter systems are the top performing portable water filters in the industry and recommended as No1 filters on the market today by many health sites & magazines etc.

The Black Berkey revolutionary filters inside remove up to 99,999% of harmful chemicals and heavy metals from your tap water while leaving undisturbed the essentials minerals your body needs like magnesium, calcium.

They will last up to 11 years before replacement filters are recommended. These set of filters are cleanable and they should be cleaned every 12 months   (takes 10 minutes)    and giving it the ability to take water from almost any source and produce fresh and pure drinking water.

Perfect for everyday use

Berkey filters are world leader in water filtering and water purification today in USA and Europe, and are so powerful that they are classed as water purifiers.

Constructed of highly polished 304 stainless steel (Big Berkey / Travel Berkey / Crown / Imperial and Go Berkey)  or  specially designed plastic material (Berkey Light)  the system comes complete with two purification elements and utilizes the latest technological advances.

The system will purify up to 13.3 litres per hour with 2 x Black Berkey filters inside. With 4 x filters you double its efficiency to 26.6 litres per hour.

Each set of Black Berkey filters will last for up to 23,000 litres which is more than 11 years of pure and clean drinking water!

Berkey water filters are much more powerful than other water filters available today because of the Black Berkey revolutionary filters inside and the high standard stainless 304 steel.

Berkey Filters removes Chlorine, Viruses, Heavy Metals,  Harmful pathogenic Bacteria, Cysts, Parasites and hazardous chemical contaminants and impurities while leaving undisturbed the essential minerals your body needs.

Berkey waterfilter systems are recommended all over the world as No.1 waterfilters on the marked by health bloggers, magazines and millions of happy customers.

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All products are shipped in the next day after purchasing. We will send you tracking number for track your order with shipping provider.

How fast will my water filter purify tap water?

The system will purify up to 13.3 litres per hour with 2 x Black Berkey filters inside (or 26.6 Litres per hour with 4 x Black Berkey filters inside).
real terms, this equates to approximately 1 glass of water per minute.

I have another question not answered here…

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