Berkey PF-2 Fluoride Filters

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Berkey Fluoride Filters PF-2 to add on your Black Berkey filters.  

If your water has an added fluoride we highly recommend to add this powerful Fluoride & Arsenic filters to the Black Berkey Filters on your Berkey system.

Around 10% of the population of the United Kingdom receives fluoridated water,  about half a million people receive water that is naturally fluoridated with calcium fluoride,  and about 6 million total receive artificially fluoridated water.  Ireland – Scotland – Spain (some parts of Spain) also fluoride their water with artificial Fluoride.  We highly recommend adding these filters in any of those countries. 

The following UK water utility companies fluoridate their supply:

Anglian Water Services LTD – Northumbrian Water LTD – South Staffordshire Water PLC – Severn Trent PLC – United Utilities Water PLC –    

We recommend adding this filters to your system if you are receiving water from any of this suppliers. 

See here the full map of where artificial fluoride is added to the water.

UK Fluoride Map 

See the full list of other Countries in the world HERE

We recommend using the PF2 Fluoride filters if you live in any of the marked zones here on this map
Purple & dark blue zones in the UK map above all have fluoride level over 0.5mg/l in their water.
Other cities and areas marked as light blue colour do only have naturally occurring fluoride and the level is so low that the Fluoride filters are not necessary.
Level of fluoride in areas like London & South England etc are usually below 0.2mg/l.
Fluoride filters are not necessary for this areas and this fluoride is naturally occurring fluoride, not artificial fluoride and not considered to be harmful.  If your water has a level of over 0.5mg/l in the UK or you live in any of the above countries (Spain – Ireland – Scotland)  we recommend using the PF2 Fluoride filters on your Berkey Filters.

The Berkey Fluoride Filter system was designed specially to remove Fluoride, Arsenic V, Pre Oxidized Arsenic III and other heavy metals ions known for their toxicity to humans.

These PF-2 Fluoride filters are the most powerful Fluoride filters on the market today and they will remove 99,99999% of Fluoride and Arsenic from any water source.

The Berkey Fluoride Filter System has a recommend usage of 12 months or 3800 litres before replacement is recommended.


87 reviews for Berkey PF-2 Fluoride Filters

  1. Fantastic filters – they work a treat and were simple to attach. Came with great instructions. Unrivalled customer service too. Will be buying again from you!!

  2. Poorly packaged and arrived dented

  3. Very pleased with service received. Items arrived promptly and well packaged. Thank you.

  4. Expensive but necessary for fluoride free water.

  5. Excellent service anf great product

  6. berkey filter is great the customer service is bad with this company comes with american plug [no mention of this} also i had no lid
    and when emailed recieved short rude email quite
    uniteligable got lid elsewhere as i will when i need new filters berkey filter number 1 out there well worth the money can see and taste the difference
    after filtering tap water its softer cleaner chemical free

  7. Bought the Big Berkey and have absolutely no regrets. Even managed to convince a very suspicious spouse …

  8. Great for feeling at ease to what you are serving your family. No much, no fluoride no mercury etc. brilliant!

  9. Waste of money

  10. I’m pleased with the filters and the fresh supply of water. Buying experience very good.

  11. We are very satisfied with the Berkey Water filter after one year of use. We dont buy anymore water from the supermarket!!I have just bought 2 pack of fluoride filters pf2 and we live at the Canary Islands and the order came after 10 days!!!

  12. how can I rate a product I don’t know is working or not? three stars because I like what it is doing for my health however it is expensive and frustrating to pay such money to remove crap from clean water that is deliberately added by our corporation led governments

  13. Everything seems good but time will tell, I have yet to test the red dye application. I have a strong feeling It will be Ok, I have Been Talking to others about the whole system, they are interested ,but will be checking things out. question?, are you Affiliated to Berkfield in any way? km.

  14. Great product!

  15. We bought our berkey system a year ago and couldn’t live without one now. I would recommend every one to get one regardless of where you live. The water tastes amazing and you know it’s clean

  16. Excellent product & first rate service

  17. This filter system is working very well. It’s easy to install and the water tastes so good from it. Taking control of the fluoride intake of our family is important, and leaving that to Irish Water doesn’t seam wise! Definitely recommend!

  18. At

  19. Great product, great service.

  20. Water tastes good

  21. superior product as always

  22. Stange but to me it proves how good these filters are. I have two cats who absolutely refuse to drink tap water. Both cats prefer to drink from a bucket in my garden that has collected rain water.

    However both of my cats will drink tap water once the water has been filtered by my Berkey with the fluoride filters in place.
    Can my cats taste the fluoride in unfiltered tap water ? I suspect they can, which to me proves veyond a doubt that the Berkey and the filters are doing a fine job of cleaning my water.

    Well done Berkey

  23. i have not received my big berkey yet so cant use it

  24. Very happy with the Berkey

  25. These make a massive difference to the taste of our drinking water and flavour of tea and coffee.

  26. Great service!

  27. Fantastic product. The whole family did a blind test on our tap water, our usual filtered water and the Berkey filtered water. The Berkey won every time. Can’t fault it, well worth the money.

  28. Great machine with no drawbacks apart from the fact it can be obtained a little cheaper elsewhere in the UK.

  29. All burkey products are excellent standard and company service great thank you

  30. Briliant like all others Berkey products.

  31. Excellent product and arrived really quickly.

  32. Efficient customer service. fast delivery.

  33. We really notice a difference with these fluoride filters. I recommend them to all our friends who use Berkley systems, and recommend Berkley to all our friends looking for a filter system.

  34. Great service and happy with the product thanks

  35. Not happy with the fluoride filters at all…. Primed both sets of filters…black and white ones…water was clear from both after priming… The white fluoride filters ran cloudy then white then I assembled… Later I noticed some white residue, in the filtered water. Cleaned and drained then continued use…. Haven’t checked it in a over a month properly… I did today….and was not all happy…a fine gritty white powder was all over the inside of my filtered water section of my container…I must have been ingesting this powder for a few weeks in my water….I’m not all happy…although haven’t noticed any symptoms….however this powder had to be wiped out. It did not wash out with a power shower…I reprimed the fluoride filters and have remassbled. If this problem continues I Will be very unhappy… I expect a response to this posting and an explanation of this material… Also a friend of mine bought this product with different screw in blocker washers for other spare holes….I have the push in one’s which are ok…but not my preference. This is not my priority. The white residue powder is…I expect a response to this soon. Thankyou

  36. Great product.
    It would be great as more people start using this water filtration system if the cost of these filters came down as these are the filters have to be changed most often.
    It’s a straight forward process to change the filters

  37. absolutely best invention ever.

  38. good

  39. Very fast and efficient delivery.

  40. Invaluable product to filtering out highly toxic fluoride which, even in small amounts is still dangerous.

  41. Since using the Berkey filters, the water tastes clearer & sweeter & my skin has improved

  42. Thank goodness they are for sale here.

  43. .

  44. Great costumer service and very fast delivery.

  45. Thank you for the quick delivery. It was much needed.

  46. Great service

  47. After using my Berkey filter for a year the water had started to taste like tap water again so I re-ordered the anti-fluoride filters which arrived the next day, & I also received help FOC with a difficulty I had with the unit itself, for which I was very grateful. My only wish is to be able to recycle the used PF-2 filters, which I am not sure how to do. Thank you Berkey!

  48. Makes such a difference to the taste of our water.. terrific

  49. I’m very happy with the Berkey water purification system, however I do wish I had purchased the larger size. Even though we are only two people and we got the Big Berkey, we drink quite a lot of water and tea and find ourselves running out as the water filters quite slowly with the addition of the Fluoride filters. Love the system though and I will purchase another one so that we always have plenty. The water tastes great!

  50. Really pleased. Will shop here again!

  51. Very good

  52. One can only hope they’re telling the truth. We’re all in a journey to healthy living, apart from the silly fuckers that are still eating the burgers

  53. Stylish and practical design. Purchased after lengthy online research for a water filter that is robust and affordable.
    A good investment as it not only saves on the cost of buying bottled mineral water but also has drastically reduced on the amount of plastic recycling – and the potentially harmful effect of drinking water contaminated by plastics.
    Would definitely recommend.

  54. Great product, fast delivery. They bill under a different name, H80 so had me wondering if it was a dodgy transaction until I did a google search for H80. All good and would highly recommend.

  55. Well pleased with my Berkey does everything it says on the box the rate of refill is absolutely brilliant the taste is wonderful would definitely recommend it.

  56. they are great doing the job! Love our Berkey

  57. Excellent

  58. Amazing – I noticed the difference in taste straight away. The water now tastes like a mountain stream! Lorraine

  59. I have been using Berkshire travel water system for 2 years after months of research on filtration systems and couldn’t be happier.The difference in taste alone between tap and filtered water is worth the initial outlay.Recently purchased the Berkshire bottle for my partner to use at workshop and he is impressed.I would highly recommend Berkshire systems and the additional fluoride filters are worth buying if like us your local water supplier is still adding in the treatment process.

  60. Good service.

  61. v.good


  63. Good product and excellent service

  64. Very good

  65. Brilliant! We’ve been buying from Berkey for a few years now and cannot fault products and service …. Nothing more important than good water and that’s what you get!

  66. I’ve used the Berkey & flouride filters for over a year, there’s a noticeable difference to my overall mental and under active thyroid condition, I am reassured that the purchase of the Berkey with flouride filters has been the best investment to my home and overall well being. Thank you Berkey.

  67. very happy with the Filter

  68. Great product and service as always, thumbs up!

  69. very happy with my purchase. water taste great.

  70. I wouldn’t be without my Berkey water filter. The company provide very good service, too.

  71. Excellent as always, very helpful customer service

  72. Easy to set up and use and the filtered water is delicious.

  73. Good

  74. Having read up on the dangers of fluoride in our drinking water, and with having 2 young children who love water, it was a must to get these filters. A year on the water still tastes great

  75. Fast and efficient. I most certainly will order from them again

  76. Have not fitted them yet but I know their quality as my Berkey Light filter unit was given to me by my son who had had it for four years and upgraded to a larger stainless steel version.

  77. It s not easy to install.Sorry.

  78. good product

  79. This product works effectively to remove poisons from the water, very pleased.

  80. Just love my Big Berkley. Highly recommend it.

  81. As I’m living in Ireland, I need these Fluoride filters to keep me and my family healthy.

  82. Great product

  83. Great delivery . Also I don’t understand way is using plastic firings for the filter?
    I will like to purchase some filter which has no plastic on it!

  84. Top class service. Much appreciated. Easy to install.

  85. Very happy with these filters. Water lovely.

  86. Great product. Very happy with it.

  87. very good service

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How safe is the water you drink ?

These days it’s getting more and more difficult to find clean drinking water. Sometimes even bottled water is just regular tap water full of harmful chemicals like chlorine, lead, and other pollutants.

Berkey water filter systems are the top performing portable water filters in the industry and recommended as No1 filters on the market today by many health sites & magazines etc.

The Black Berkey revolutionary filters inside remove up to 99,999% of harmful chemicals and heavy metals from your tap water while leaving undisturbed the essentials minerals your body needs like magnesium, calcium.

They will last up to 11 years before replacement filters are recommended. These set of filters are cleanable and they should be cleaned every 12 months   (takes 10 minutes)    and giving it the ability to take water from almost any source and produce fresh and pure drinking water.

Perfect for everyday use

Berkey filters are world leader in water filtering and water purification today in USA and Europe, and are so powerful that they are classed as water purifiers.

Constructed of highly polished 304 stainless steel (Big Berkey / Travel Berkey / Crown / Imperial and Go Berkey)  or  specially designed plastic material (Berkey Light)  the system comes complete with two purification elements and utilizes the latest technological advances.

The system will purify up to 13.3 litres per hour with 2 x Black Berkey filters inside. With 4 x filters you double its efficiency to 26.6 litres per hour.

Each set of Black Berkey filters will last for up to 23,000 litres which is more than 11 years of pure and clean drinking water!

Berkey water filters are much more powerful than other water filters available today because of the Black Berkey revolutionary filters inside and the high standard stainless 304 steel.

Berkey Filters removes Chlorine, Viruses, Heavy Metals,  Harmful pathogenic Bacteria, Cysts, Parasites and hazardous chemical contaminants and impurities while leaving undisturbed the essential minerals your body needs.

Berkey waterfilter systems are recommended all over the world as No.1 waterfilters on the marked by health bloggers, magazines and millions of happy customers.

Free Delivery in Thailand for order over 1500 baht 

Free Delivery to all Asian country for All Berkey system.

Shipping to SE Asia & China only 3-6 working days.

We will provide a tracking number on the day of dispatch for you to track your consignment.

All orders are shipped out on the same day if ordered before 2.30pm. 

Berkey Waterfilters Asia (Thailand)

When will you ship my order???

All products are shipped in the next day after purchasing. We will send you tracking number for track your order with shipping provider.

How fast will my water filter purify tap water?

The system will purify up to 13.3 litres per hour with 2 x Black Berkey filters inside (or 26.6 Litres per hour with 4 x Black Berkey filters inside).
real terms, this equates to approximately 1 glass of water per minute.

I have another question not answered here…

Please refer to our Full FAQ page – if you still have
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